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John Foyster, 13 April 1941 - 5 April 2003

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January 2003
eFNAC #29a [ efnac29a.pdf ] 711kb
Photographs from September 1996.
eFNAC #29b [ efnac29b.pdf ] 786kb (created by Erika Maria Lacey) or [ efnac29b.doc ] 408kb
Fifty years ago in science fiction: January 1953.

February 2003
eFNAC #30 [ efnac30.pdf ] 706kb
Photos from John's and Yvonne's 1996 trip report and 'Fifty years ago in science fiction: February 1953'.

March 2003
eFNAC #31 [ efnac31.pdf ] 1mb (created by Bruce Gillespie) or [ efnac31.doc ] 546kb
Light at the End of Science Fiction, Searching for James, and The Coondabeen Champions.


January 2002
eFNAC #18 [ efnac18.pdf ] 1.11mb
80% of this issue is fanzine reviews -- actually just electronic fanzine reviews. And I cut the reviews short!

eFNAC #18a [ efnac18a.pdf ] 1.36mb
BY GEORGE! Photos taken at conventions and workshops by George Turner, roughly 1977 to 1985.

February 2002
eFNAC #19 [ efnac19.pdf ] 769kb
Almost all of this issue is about science fiction - and the largest piece is titled RESTITUTION OF DECAYED INTELLIGENCE. I wonder how many non-sf reader are VERY confused by this title if they are doing a web-search!

March 2002
eFNAC #20 [ efnac20.pdf ] 924kb
Immensely long and boring piece about skiffy mags in 1953 - some of them. And a bit of fan history as well.

April-May 2002
eFNAC #21 [ efnac21.pdf ] 1.29mb
This April-May issue (I'm trying to catch up) has an immensely boring piece about SF in 1943 and not much else (letters, 1953 covers). But I promise that the next issue will not have the same sort of stuff!

June 2002
eFNAC #22 [ efnac22.pdf ] 995kb
A report from the Easter Convention in the UK, letters.

July 2002
eFNAC #23 [ efnac23.pdf ] 1.03mb
A report from an Easter Convention in Western Australia. And a brief report from Manila. Why not?

August 2002
eFNAC #24 [ efnac24.pdf ] 1.08mb
Editorial about science fiction, analysis of what I think is wrong with Dan Simmons' HYPERION, and what I think is right about the fiction of Donald Harington (including some SF). And alarming news that the September 2002 is nigh!

September 2002
eFNAC #25 [ efnac25.pdf ] 1.33mb
This issue, like the one before, gives me a chance to write some of my own stuff - a description of a couple of weeks in Malaysia in 1998, and then a similar piece about my life in national radio - fortunately now something from far in the past.

October 2002
eFNAC #26 [ efnac26.pdf ] 786kb (created by Erika Maria Lacey) or [ efnac26.doc ] 396kb
The most recent issue.

November 2002
eFNAC #27 [ efnac27.pdf ] 1.86mb
John and statistical thinking in a variety of situations, including politics and sports.

December 2002
eFNAC #28 [ efnac28.pdf ] 1.26mb
Photographs from L.A.Con III, other photographs from September 1996, and 'Fifty years ago in science fiction: December 1952'.


January 2001
eFNAC #7 [ efnac07.pdf ] 1.30mb
Erika Maria Lacey on AUSSIECON III, John Foyster on Fandom and Sport, Ned Brooks on Books, etc.

February 2001
eFNAC #8 [ efnac08.pdf ] 1.14mb
Allan Bray's photos of SEACON '79 (Brighton, England)

April 2001
eFNAC #9 [ efnac09.pdf ] 470kb
Melbourne Science Fiction fandom in the 1960s (with some politics on the side)

May 2001
eFNAC #10 [ efnac10.pdf ] 942kb
Books, Kuala Lumpur, letters - and a python on the cover.

June 2001
eFNAC Supplement #1 [ fnacsupp200106.pdf ] 1.35mb
The monthly movie group that meets at Race Mathews's house - June 2001. See photos of old and tired Melbourne fans before they drop off the twig!

eFNAC #11 [ efnac11.pdf ] 660kb
What to do about 50 years of conventions, and Critical Mass, the Adelaide SF discussion group in May 2001.

July 2001
eFNAC #12 [ efnac12.pdf ] 1.31mb
Who read the pulp magazines? (illustrated), and letters.

eFNAC Supplement #2 [ efnacanova.pdf ] 745kb
The Nova Mob meeting, June 2001

August 2001
eFNAC #13 [ efnac13.pdf ] 1.31mb
John Bangsund looks back on his life from the vantage point of 2030, Noel Kerr focuses narrowly on one day in 1952, John Foyster reports on trans-gender issues at the 1975 AUSSIECON, Bob Smith writes the entire letter-column, and the Allan Bray Photogallery reports on the 1983 SYNCON, with Harlan Ellison.

September 2001
eFNAC #14 [ efnac14.pdf ] 986kb
Juliette Woods on life in Austin, Texas; Fanzines on the Internet (goes on forever) by John Foyster; letters.

eFNAC Supplement #3 [ irememberafpa.pdf ] 885kb
The origins of Amateur Fantasy Publications of Australia by Lee Harding (with annotations by Dick Jenssen and John Foyster).

October 2001
eFNAC #15 [ efnac15.pdf ] 756kb
John Foyster reports from Kuala Lumpur, Juliette Woods reports from Austin, Texas.

eFNAC #15a [ efnac15a.pdf ] 596kb
Elizabeth Darling's illustrated history of Australian Fandom 1965-1975 - from the perspective of food.

November 2001
eFNAC #16 [ efnac16.pdf ] 880kb
More from Juliette Woods on life in Texas, John Foyster explains the gap since issue 14 ("Terrorist Chulpex Raped My Brain!"), while Bob Smith and Lloyd Penney explain the difficulties of writing letters of comment on electronic fanzines.

eFNAC #16a [ efnac16a.pdf ] 651kb
John Foyster's holiday photos

December 2001
eFNAC #17 [ efnac17.pdf ] 1.29mb
"Death of Science Fiction", and "Back to the Kampong" -- John's travels around with photo accompaniments.


February 2000
eFNAC #1 [ efnac01.pdf ] 523kb
(58 pages): Malaysian Diary (John Foyster), SYNCON '83 Photos (John Foyster), AUSSIECON DIARY (David Bofinger).

March 2000
eFNAC #2 [ efnac02.pdf ] 865kb
(47 pages): SYNCON '79 Photos (Allan Bray), Gregory Benford: The Scientist at the Heart of Science Fiction (John Foyster), news, fanzine reviews, letters.

April 2000
eFNAC #3a [ efnac03.pdf ] 482kb
(24 pages): Bookbuyer's Notes (John Foyster), Malaysia - A Complex Culture (John Foyster), FREECON (Bob Smith), letters.

eFNAC #3b [ efnac03b.pdf ] 1.32mb
(15 pages): EASTERCON '79 Photos (Allan Bray). Cover by Mervyn Barrett.

May-June-July 2000
eFNAC #4 [ efnac04.pdf ] 980kb
(36 pages): SF writer as primary producer (John Foyster), South African Diary (1) (John Foyster), Adelaide SF Convention (1981) and SMOFCON (1982) Photos (Allan Bray).

November 2000
eFNAC #5a [ efnac05a.pdf ] 590kb
(80 pages): Science Fiction Fandom? What's That? (John Foyster). SWANCON 2000 (John August), FREECON 2200 (Zara Baxter), letters.

eFNAC #5b [ efnac05b.pdf ] 786kb
(12 pages): UNICON 6 (1981) Photos (Allan Bray).

December 2000
eFNAC #6 [ efnac06.pdf ] 1.38mb
(21 pages): ANZAPACON (1978) a photographic record (John Foyster)

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