Whistlestar & edited by Lenny Bailes
Rasterman Blues

All files are in PDF format

Note from Lenny:
If you try to print this issue of Whistlestar and find spurious characters
in the copy (question marks replaced with strange characters), set
Acrobat to print to image on the print options page.

Whistlestar 3 (3.9MB)  
Whistlestar 6 (685KB)  
Whistlestar 7 (Hi-res) (8.7MB) Whistlestar 7 (Lo-res) (1.7MB)

Lenny notes:

Whistlestar #7 was designed to be read as a paper fanzine, rather than for onscreen reading, but if you have a monitor capable of 1280x800 (or higher) resolution, you can get a nice double-page spread in Adobe Reader that simulates the paper experience:
1) Set your display resolution to 1280x800 or higher.
2) Open the PDF file
3) Choose View -> Page Display -> Two Up (or the equivalent commands, depending on your program version).
You can turn pages by pressing PgUp.
Choosing View -> Zoom -> Fit Width will produce a slightly larger page on the screen, but you may occasionally have to hit PgUp more than once to turn the page.

The hi-res PDF will produce a noticeably better printout than the lo-res version on a good printer.

Rasterman Blues
Rasterman Blues #1 - February 2007 (196KB)
Rasterman Blues #2 - February 2010 (977KB)

See also Lenny's combined PDF edition of Andy Hooper's play Fanotchka, first published in Whistlestar 6 and 7


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