Tonopah Westercon Program Book

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Westercon 65 in Seattle was selected at Westercon 63 in Pasadena in 2010; however, Seattle faced a long-shot underdog opponent in the form of Tonopah, Nevada, chaired by Kuma Bear (Lisa Hayes’ stuffed companion). Tonopah scored a respectful 30% or so of the votes in the site selection balloting, and Seattle went on to win. Seattle listed Kuma Bear as an advisor to the Chair for their winning Westercon committee.

The Seattle Westercon’s theme included alternatives of space and time, and as part of that, the Tonopah committee planned a room party for Seattle whose theme was that in the next universe over, Tonopah won and the 2012 Westercon happened on Independence Day weekend in the high desert of Nevada. As part of the theme, the committee (chaired by Lisa’s husband Kevin Standlee) produced this document, styled as "what fell through the wormhole" as the Program Book for the “other” Westercon 65.

Tonopah Westercon Program Book (1.3MB)

Issue 6 of The Majestic Files, the at-con newsletter for Tonopah’s Westercon (292KB)

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