Telepath (1951)
edited by
Arthur Haddon

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Telepath #1

Chris Nelson writes:

Here's the first of two issues of Telepath, a zine produced by Arthur Haddon in the post-war era. Arthur had been active before the war and became a key player in the 1950s, including serving as Secretary of the Futurian Society of Sydney and being involved with several of the early conventions.

Arthur passed away July 3rd, 2011. He maintained an interest in sf and how fandom had developed over the years, was proud of the role he had played in the Australian scene, and was happy to see Telepath on efanzines.

This issue of Telepath was patterned after Nick Solntseff's Woomera and the slim pamphlets printed by Vol Molesworth's Futurian Press. It was published in the lead-up to the first national convention and contains a mix of local and overseas content. A second issue appeared three years later, but it was roneoed rather than printed.

Telepath #1 [December 1951] (633KB)

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