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In which Taral collects together all the stuff that isn’t anywhere else.

Most recent addition: The Baloobius, Too

The Slan of Baker Street (4.3MB)

When Stu Shiffman was in rehab after a stroke he suffered on June 15th 2012, Taral edited The Slan of Baker Street, a one-shot with contributions by some of Stu's many friends, to hopefully give Stu's morale a boost.

Sadly, despite making good progress over the next two years, Stu suffered a relapse and died in November 2014.

This fanzine remains in his memory.

The Great White Zine (2.2MB)

Sure, its a terrible title, but what else should a collection of articles on Canadian fan history be called?  Back in the 1980s I wrote a number of fan history articles that appeared, here and there in Canadian zines, usually under the title "Same As It Ever Was."  That would have been my back-up for this anthology.  However, I wanted to use this nifty old drawing I did of Bob & Doug McKenzie as though they were filming an episode of  SCTV's "The Great White North" about fanzines. That dictated the title... but what the hell, it gave me an excuse to do some digital colouring.

The Baloobius
Notes on some of the more satisfying fanzines I’ve published

The Baloobius, Too

To Walk the Moon (5MB)
An Illustrated Convention Report for the 2009 Worldcon in Montréal, by FanGoH Taral Wayne

If I Must Say So Myself (654KB)
Notes on some of the more satisfying fanzines I’ve published

The Incomplete Taral Wayne Cover Gallery (4.5MB)
A selection of the artist’s favorite covers - 166 so far...

Is There a Doctor in the House (April 2017)

Doctored Papers (November 2018)

Old Toys (4.7MB)

New Toy #1 (4.7MB)

New Toy #2 (5MB)

New Toy #3 (3.4MB)

Broken Toys #1 (195KB)

Broken Toys #2 (1.1MB) April 2012

Broken Toys #3 (1MB) May 2012

Broken Toys #4 (686KB) June 2012

Broken Toys #5 (758KB) June 2012

Broken Toys #6 (641KB) August 2012

Broken Toys #7 (852KB) September 2012

Broken Toys #8 (1.2MB) October 2012

Broken Toys #9 (1.2MB) November 2012

Broken Toys #10 (3.0MB) December 2012

Broken Toys #11 (3.7MB) December 2012

Broken Toys #12 (2.3MB) January 2013

Broken Toys #13 (2.1MB) February 2013

Broken Toys #14 (1.4MB) March 2013

Broken Toys #15 (992KB) April 2013

Broken Toys #16 (981KB) May 2013

Broken Toys #17 (1.6MB) May 2013

Broken Toys #18 (2.3MB) June 2013

Broken Toys #19 (3.9MB) July 2013

Broken Toys #20 (2.4MB) August 2013

Broken Toys #21 (1.8MB) September 2013

Broken Toys #22 (2.2MB) October 2013

Broken Toys #23 (2.2MB) November 2013

Broken Toys #24 (2.1MB) December 2013

Broken Toys #25 (3.4MB) January 2014

Broken Toys #26 (882KB) March 2014

Broken Toys #27 (455KB) April 2014

Broken Toys #28 (1.1MB) May 2014

Broken Toys #29 (1.6MB) mid-July 2014

Broken Toys #30 (1.7MB) August 2014

Broken Toys #31 (1.5MB) September 2014

Broken Toys #32 (1.8MB) October 2014

Broken Toys #33 (2.4MB) early December 2014

Broken Toys #34 (2.8MB) Christmas 2014

Broken Toys #35 (1.5MB) Jan/Feb 2015

Broken Toys #36 (1.4MB) Feb 2015 (Halloween 2014 issue)

Broken Toys #37 (1.4MB) Mar 2015

Broken Toys #38 (1.1MB) Apr 2015

Broken Toys #39 (1.6MB) May 2015

Broken Toys #40 (1.7MB) Mid-July 2015

Broken Toys #41 (1.7MB) Mid-August 2015

Broken Toys #42 (1.9MB) Late September 2015

Broken Toys #43 (1.6MB) October (Halloween) 2015

Broken Toys #44 (1.1MB) Extended-November (December) 2015

Broken Toys #45 (1.1MB) Christmas Issue - 31 December 2015

Broken Toys #46 (1.9MB) January 2016

Broken Toys #47 (3.8MB) February 2016

Broken Toys #48 (2.3MB) March 2016

Broken Toys #49 (1.9MB) June 2016

Broken Toys #50 (2.9MB) September 2016

Lost Toys #1 (33KB)
(an electronic apazine, only for the archivist)

Lost Toys #2 (745KB)

Lost Toys #3 (101KB)

Lost Toys #4 (360KB)

Lost Toys #5 (390KB)

Lost Toys #6 (562KB)

Lost Toys #7 (519KB)

Lost Toys #8 (391KB)

Lost Toys #9 (82KB)

Rat Sass #1

Rat Sass #2

Rat Sass #3

Rat Sass #4

Rat Sass #5

Rat Sass #6

Rat Sass #7

Rat Sass #8

Rat Sass #9

Rat Sass #10

Rat Sass #11

Rat Sass #12

Stolen Toys #1

Forgotten Toys

TransFUR - Isobel

TransFUR - The Dark Mountain (4MB)

You Are Where You Eat



I Made You Look
Photo Albums by Taral Wayne

In the beginning, I had no intention of joining FaceBook.  I mean; why?  What Earthly purpose would it serve?  But sometime last year I was talked into it by the people who run CUFF and the Canvention.  I had been one of them at various times, unfortunately, and they wanted us to be able to discuss important matters conveniently.  As it turned out, I don’t recall that there ever was even a single such discussion.  So be it.  I was on FaceBunk, regardless.  Now I would be able to inform the world of all my utterly unimportant affairs, secure in the knowldege that almost certainly nobody would read about them.

“Today I washed my socks, and read that they may abolish the penny.  I  think I’ll have fish-sticks for dinner.”  

I was unable to face a future filled with such ephemera.  I decided I’d find a purpose for FoolBook, even if it was a largely specious one.  And I did!  I began to upload some of my recent art as a “photo” album called A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words.  If I kept at it, I reasoned, people would eventually look at my art whether they were interested or not.

While I might have stopped there, I created another album.  A Fan is Not an Island was a collection of photos of myself and people I call my friends (or at least associates).  You Are WhereYou Eat is a collection of photos taken in my apartment – far more detailed than the handful of photos of my “virtual” apartment published in my Worldcon report.  Planet Parkdale – an assortment of views of my neighborhood – followed soon after.  Then the other albums… one by one.  The most recent is What’s Pubbing.  This final album is mainly to show  the Photoshop work I’ve been doing of late.

What’s next?  Depends on what I take photos of and whether inspiration strikes.

Meanwhile, I have finally gotten into the spirit of exhibitionism on FaceButt.  Did you know that yesterday I shopped at Costco, and today I baked a cake?

And I was wrong.  A handful of people do, in fact, seem to find my day to day affairs interesting enough to follow, and comment on.  I even know who most of them are…

A Fan is Not an Island (789KB)

Planet Parkdale (904KB)

Real Life...  The Next Best Thing (600KB)

Shooting Gallery (354KB)

Triumph of the Confederacy! (399KB)

What Do I Do With the Rest of My Life? (306KB)

What’s Pubbing (847KB)

Worth a Thousand Words (2.3MB)

You Are Where You Eat (457KB)

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