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Chuck Connor sends this sad note:

After a long period of declining health, culminating in eight hours of heart surgery, Rodney Leighton passed away on June 18th 2017, aged 68.

He was an ardent and avid zine fan - regardless of genre or fandom (well, except for poetry :) ) who, apart from a short stint in Calgary, never really left his beloved Nova Scotia.

He was also a fully qualified silviculturist who, when he let his emotions show, had an empathy with the environment and the nature that was his home - as well as a voracious book reader, and was an expert on Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe.

I knew Rodney initially from the last days of Factsheet Five, some 30-odd years ago, not only from his Pro Wrestling 'sheets' but also from his columns in the alternative music magazine Jersey Beat.

Originally, Steve George provided Rodney's only link to on-line fandom. However, ISPs fade away over the years and the website eventually got pulled down. Then, in 2006, after repeated badgering by myself, Rodney finally agreed to get into ePublishing.

So, how did a guy with no internet access, email, or not even a computer, have a bunch of eZines?

Even to the very end, he kept alive an old IBM Wheelwriter (typewriter) which was possibly even more cranky and erratic than he was. He would type pages of reviews, comment and diary-cum-journal entries, all on the back of recycled junk mail and old bills. Then he would mail them to me, and I would OCR and re-set them into fanzines, under whatever title took his fancy at the time.

By January 2017 he was having major problems with his eyesight, and the tremors in his fingers had become more and more extreme - to the point where he eventually resorted to a short handwritten note - before his sister, Sharon, started relaying information via email.

Eventually, after eight hours of corrective heart surgery, and a week in the ICU, he passed away.

Contained here are his last ten or so years as an SF fan. As far as I know, there are no surviving copies of his various other zines (various incarnations of The Leighton Look, Rod's Reflector, The Nova Scotia Hermit, to name just a few), but his columns and down-to-earth reviews (such as those run in The Knarley Knews) made even Ted White call him 'pugnacious.'

Hopefully this will remain his small place on the web.

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Rodney's Fanac #2 (November 2014) (607B)
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Life of Rodney #5 (August 2013) (408KB)
Life of Rodney #4 (May 2013) (112KB)
Life of Rodney #3 (April 2013) (112KB)
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Bits of My Boring Life #1 (248KB)
The Mail Carrier Brought It #2 & Bits of My Boring Life #2 (538KB)
A Leighton Year 2010-2011 (180KB)
An Open Letter, November 2011 (66KB)

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