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TAFF 2019

The 2019 TAFF (Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund) Race is now officially open for nominations for the West to East (North America to Europe) leg as of October 1, 2018. The nomination period will close on November 22, 2018, and then voting to elect said TAFF delegate will commence nine days later (giving the Administrators time to prepare the official ballot) on December 1, 2018 and then close on April 22, 2019.

The winning delegate will attend the 77th World Science Fiction Convention in Dublin, Ireland from August 15 - 19, 2019, and shall assume the duties of the next North American administrator of TAFF upon returning home.

TAFF 2019 Press Release

As always, check the main TAFF site for latest news.

Three TAFF publications are available:

TAFF News Redux #2 by John Purcell

T is for TAFFzine - Teresa Cochran

A TAFF Guide to Beer, edited by Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer, features several pieces of beer-related fan writing by Geri Sullivan, and also includes pieces from each of the other candidates in this year's TAFF race, as well as beer-related excerpts from writings by nearly 3 dozen past TAFF winners. It's being published in celebration of this year's TAFF race.



Welcome to the newsletter specifically oriented towards the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund. Your current TAFF Administrators Anna Raftery (Europe) and John Purcell (North America) happily present this publication to the world of science fiction fandom.

This newsletter is designed to keep fans apprised of developments in not only each year’s races—and the 2018 East to West TAFF Race has now concluded with Johan Anglemark as the delegate—but also in any changes being made to hopefully streamline the nominating and voting process, and also to provide the eventual winners ample time to prepare for their journeys.

TAFF News #1

TAFF News #2

TAFF News #3

TAFF News #4

TAFF News #5

TAFF Results Press Release

TAFF News #6

TAFF News Special Report (July 2018)

As always, check the main TAFF site for latest news.


TAFF Ebooks

Dave Langford has created quite a few ebooks of classic TAFF reports and related material, and they are available for free download at the unofficial TAFF website.

The TAFF reports are from Ken Bulmer (1955), Peter Roberts (1977), Dave Langford (1980), and Rob Hansen (1984). Formats are Epub, Mobi, and Kindle AZW3. See site for other titles.

While the ebooks are free, donations to TAFF are always appreciated.


TAFF Publications

TAFFWorld from Jim Mowatt (issues 2 & 3 both April 2015, issue 4 October 2015, issue 5 March 2016)

TAFFWorld #2 (268KB)
TAFFWorld #3 (198KB)
TAFFWorld #4 (271KB)
TAFFWorld #5 (143KB)
TAFFWorld #6 (168KB)

It Happened in Vegas! from Alan White (BrunchCon 3, Las Vegas, August 2013, for the TAFF and DUFF winners). Lots of photos!
It Happened in Vegas! (6MB)

TAFFWorld #1 from Jim Mowatt (August 2014)
UK paper size (449KB)
US paper size (449KB)

TAFFtastic #3 from Jacq Monahan is her final issue as North American administrator and has the results and wrapup of the 2014 TAFF race.

Curt Phillips for TAFF! features some of Curt's fanwriting.
TAFF race voting deadline was 22 April 2014, and Curt Phillips was declared the 2014 delegate on 23 April.

TAFFtastic #2 from Jacq Monahan has candidate photos and platforms for the current TAFF race. Voting deadline is 22 April 2014, ballot is here.

TAFFtastic #1 has news from immediate past winners Jacq Monahan and Jim Mowatt on the upcoming 2014 TAFF race.

TAFFline #4 has a report on Jacq Monahan's trip so far.

Dated 6 January 2012, TAFFline #3 has a report on the recently concluded race, in which Jacq Monahan was voted winner this year, and also includes the detailed voting breakdown.

As always, check the main TAFF site for latest news.


TAFF 2012

End-of-day December 9th was the voting deadline for the 2012 TAFF race, which sent Jacq Monahan to London for the Eastercon in April 2012. Full details are at the main TAFF site

Here is Hats for TAFF (925KB PDF), a last-minute joint fanzine from the three candidates, Warren Buff, Kim Kofmel and Jacq Monahan:

Jacq Monahan has also published her own TAFFzine, All Jacq'd Up, with Nic Farey and Steve Green.


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