(1959 archive issue)
edited by Erwin Scudla

All files are in PDF format

Thanks to Philip Turner for scanning this copy of Sirius, which was sent to his late father, Harry Turner. Issue 1i was published in June 1959 by Erwin Scudla in Austria.

Sirius 1i - The Newspaper and Magazine of the ISFS - International Science Fiction Society (14MB PDF)

Rob Hansen, in chapter 5 of Then, has these notes on the ISFS:

Sirius #1i

In the lettercolumn of TRIODE 16 (August '59) the strange affair of the ISFS came to a head. The International Science Fiction Society was set up in 1958 in order to improve links between the various national fandoms. Organised primarily by German-speaking fans it grew out of an Austrian group called the Utopia Club and was intended as an international fan centre and clearing house. However, since it was weakest where fandom was strongest, ie. the English-speaking nations, its ambitions in this regard were obviously hampered. Eric Bentcliffe had already arranged loose links between the BSFA and a continental group called Science Fiction Club Europa during his time as BSFA Chairman, so Erwin Scudla, a mainstay of the ISFS, approached him about similar links between the BSFA and ISFS. Bentcliffe discussed this with Doc Weir, his successor, who had friends in Vienna check the society out. They reported that it was receiving funds from the International Society for Science and Technology, an outfit they claimed was a Communist-front organisation. Scudla admitted that, technically, the ISFS was a branch of the ISST but denied that either had anything to do with Communism. He was particularly incensed with Bentcliffe for running a piece on this in TRIODE because in these Cold War days such rumours could put Western members in danger of losing their jobs, and on the other side of the Iron Curtain might cause the authorities to suspect the two organisations were linked with American espionage, which would obviously be extremely dangerous for their members there. Inevitably, the idea of a link with the BSFA died amid the recriminations. The American LASFS group had affiliated with the ISST but they too had second thoughts after the revelations in TRIODE.

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