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Ian writes:

Siddhartha #3:1

Siddhartha started in the mid-70’s as my personalizine which basically meant I wrote about anything which took my fancy (usually me and my activities) and gained a certain notoirety, though Greg Pickersgill seemed to like it. It tapered off in the early 80’s as I became more interested in writing fiction. One issue was published in the mid 90’s and focussed on my newly discovered love of the Blues. But that was pretty much my last gasp of fanac apart from membership of Greg Pickersgill’s apa. Hopefully, because of the sheer convenience and lack of cost alone, I hope to publish Sid regularly again as an e-zine. Then again, I’m known to be full of enthusiasms which are short-lived, but we’’ll see.

Siddhartha 3:1 (515KB)

Siddhartha 3:2 All the Worlds at Once

This is a novel in four parts, appearing for the first time on efanzines. I have two hopes for this. Firstly that you'll read and enjoy it. Secondly that some of you might send me some critical feedback. Back in the day when there was an active group in the area I had fans willing to read and comment on my various mss; but everything changes.

This is the first thing I've completed in 20 years that I actually like but I need people to give me their honest opinions. I don't mind being told it's crap as long as you tell why it's crap. Contact information is in Part 1.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Siddhartha #3:3


Siddhartha 3:3

Why do we like the things we do? An illustrated trawl through my recently acquired books, graphic novels, CDs, & DVDs, and more.

Siddhartha 3:3 (882KB)

Siddhartha #3:4


Siddhartha 3:4

Ian sometimes jokingly gives Siddartha a subtitle of: The Journal of Popular Culture. It's actually applicable this time with his 16,000 word illustrated essay/recap on British teenage cult hit Skins 3. Beware: contains strong language, sexual references, drug references, & humour.

Siddhartha 3:4 (868KB)

Siddhartha #3:5

Siddhartha 3:5

From Ian's end notes:

First off, this isn't a novella, it's an unfinished novel on which I ran out of steam because I'd run out of ideas. That was back in 2002 or thereabouts.

Apart from minor editing, the text is pretty much as I wrote it several years ago. The only real rewriting other than the odd phrase comes in the last chapter where I added a couple of hundred words, in particular the final paragraph which creates a form of ending rather than just stopping.

Siddhartha 3:5 (300KB)

Siddhartha #3:6

Siddhartha 3:6

Ian writes:

Sid 3.6 is my last issue for the forseeable future. It contains 9 pages of locs on issues 3.1 to 3.4

Siddhartha 3:6 (272KB)

Siddhartha #3:7

Siddhartha 3:7

Ian writes:

In a surprise return, Ian Williams offers up the latest issue of his long running personalzine Siddhartha. And it's (almost) all about Science Fiction; well, sort of.

Siddhartha 3:7 (1.5MB)

Siddhartha #3:8

Siddhartha 3:8

Ian writes:

Ian revisits his record collection to find his 100 favourite tracks and comes up with a list that spans 80 years. He also wonders how similar and how different your list would be.

Siddhartha 3:8 (1.1MB)

Further writing by Ian may be found at his blog.

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