Science Fiction London: SideTrekked
edited by
Mark C. Ambrogio & Stephanie Hanna

All files are in PDF format

Science Fiction London (SFL) is an SF discussion group founded in 1980. We are based in London, Ontario, Canada. We meet monthly, live and via free teleconference, to discuss science fiction. We also get together occasionally for social events like movie days and barbecues.

SideTrekked is the group's occasional clubzine.

More information at the SFL website.

SideTrekked #51, March 2014
SideTrekked #52, November 2014
SideTrekked #53, June 2015
SideTrekked #54, December 2015
SideTrekked #55, June 2016
SideTrekked #56, December 2016
SideTrekked #57, June 2017
SideTrekked #58, February 2018
SideTrekked #59, September 2018
SideTrekked #60, May 2019

Last revised: 9 May, 2019

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