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Bruce Gillespie, from Melbourne, Australia, has been publishing fanzines since 1968. In January 1969, the first issue of SF Commentary appeared. It’s been lurching along, with occasional total seizures, ever since. It’s been nominated three times for the Hugo Award (1972, 1973 and 1975), and has won a number of Ditmar Awards (Australian SF Achievement Award). Below you can read .PDF versions of the most recent issues. Eventually he received what he considers the ultimate accolade, serving as Fan Guest of Honour for Aussiecon 3, the world convention held in Melbourne in 1999.

In 1984, Bruce began The Metaphysical Review as a fanzine filled with all the bits and pieces, apart from SF and fantasy, that SF fans tend to be interested in -- music, films, travels, other fans, general books and chatter. He hasn't yet found a way to convert recent issues to .PDF form yet. TMR is not dead, but still awaits resurrection (see below for archive issues).

Bruce has contributed to several apas, including Anzapa (Australia and New Zealand Amateur Publishing Association) since 1968, APA-45 during the early 1970s, FAPA (Fantasy Amateur Press Association) from 1984 to 1994, and Acnestis (the British apa for fans who still read a lot) since 1995. Scratch Pad is a new electronic-only fanzine that includes all the non-mailing comment sections of my apazines since 1991.

Steam Engine Time is an intercontinental fanzine begun by Bruce with British fans Maureen Kincaid Speller and Paul Kincaid in 2000. After three issues, Paul and Maureen dropped out, and Michigan fan Janine Stinson (editor of Peregrine Nations) became the new co-editor. SET will now appear first on efanzines.com, with a print version available to those who contribute, trade paper fanzines, correspond, and/or send money.

Special note:

The snail mail address for Bruce Gillespie on nearly all the fanzines here is now wrong. In November, Bruce Gillespie and Elaine Cochrane moved house. Please delete the Collingwood address, and replace it in your records with:

5 Howard Street Greensborough VIC 3088 Australia.

Phone: +61-3-9435 7786

Email address is now: gandc@pacific.net.au

SF Commentary
Many archive issues of SF Commentary are available at fanac.org
SF Commentary 76 (2MB)
SF Commentary 77 (3MB)
SF Commentary 78 (3.5MB)
SF Commentary 79 (2.8MB)

SF Commentary issues 80-82 comprise the Fortieth Anniversary Edition.

SF Commentary 80 (2.9MB)
SF Commentary 80A (5.7MB)
SF Commentary 81 (6.8MB)
SF Commentary 82 (7.2MB)

SF Commentary 82

SF Commentary 82, August 2011, is the third part of the Fortieth Anniversary Edition.

Apart from the usual Bruce Gillespie editorial (including his first fanzine review column for a long time) and Ditmar cover (and his explanation of it), SFC 82 also features a carl juarez back cover, Yvonne Rousseau’s forensic look at Connie Willis’s Blackout/All Clear, Terry Green on life and writing, Ian Watson and Stephen Baxter solving the mysteries of the universe, including the real story behind the last section of Spielberg and Kubrick’s A.I.; a celebration of the work of John Clute by Damien Broderick, Doug Barbour and Steve Jeffery; and reviews by George Zebrowski, Greg Benford, Peter Ryan, Ros Kopel Gross, Cath Ortlieb, Jenny Blackford, Steve Jeffery, Amy Harlib and Ian Nichols.

SF Commentary 83 Screen (6.2MB) SF Commentary 83 Print (5.9MB)

SF Commentary 83

Beginning with SF Commentary 83, each issue is offered in two versions; the portrait-shaped copy, which is the print version with the artwork in colour; and the landscape (wide) version, suitable for portable devices. The text in each is identical.

SF Commentary 83 features a long survey by Guy Salvidge of the works of Philip K. Dick, followed by Tim Marion’s article about Philip Dick’s children’s novel 'Nick and the Glimmung'. The very long, meaty letter column includes feature letters from Brian Aldiss, Taral Wayne, Mark Plummer, Patrick McGuire, Yvonne Rousseau, Murray MacLachlan, Rog Peyton, and Franz Rottensteiner.

SF Commentary 84 Screen (8.7MB) SF Commentary 84 Print (6.6MB)

SF Commentary 84

SF Commentary 84 includes Brian Aldiss’s tribute to Harry Harrison, surveys of the work of pioneer Australian writers, especially Damien Broderick and David Boutland; Ray Wood’s long article about the American film of 'Let Me In'; Tim Marion’s celebration of the fortieth anniversary DVD set of Patrick McGoohan’s 'The Prisoner'; and Colin Steele’s coverage of the SF and fantasy field over the last year.

SF Commentary 85 Screen (6.6MB) SF Commentary 85 Print (4.2MB)

SF Commentary 85

In SF Commentary 85, October 2013, Bruce Gillespie rounds up his Favourites from 2012, including Books, Short Stories, Films, CDs, and even some Television (!). Jennifer Bryce rounds up her Favourites from 2012: Books, Films, Theatre, Concerts, and Opera. Elaine Cochrane and Dick Jenssen write about ‘The Real Gosh! Wow!’: those recent books about cutting-edge cosmic physics that blow your mind in a way no science fiction can.

The rest of the issue deals with the massive response to SFCs 83 and 84: letters of comment from nearly everybody, including Feature Letters from Ray Wood, Mark Plummer, Steve Jeffery, and Patrick McGuire.

The covers are by Ditmar (Dick Jenssen) and Steve Stiles, with interior art by Taral Wayne, Steve Stiles, and Brad Foster.

SF Commentary 86 Screen (4.4MB) SF Commentary 86 Print (4.1MB)

SF Commentary 86

SFC 86 includes eulogies to two well-known Australian fans, Peter Darling and Graham Stone, who died during 2013, three sets of articles about ‘science Fiction’s People’ (Robert Bloch’s visit to Australia in 1981, an interview with John Cute, and memories of Jay Kay Klein), and nine articles about well-known SF writers, such as Joanna Russ, Arthur C. Clarke, C.M. Kornbluth, A. Belyanin, Phyllis Gotlieb, Audrey Niffeneger, Olaf Stapledon, Ray Bradbury, and J.G. Ballard.

Contributors include Daniel King, Peter Gerrand, Miranda Foyster, Elizabeth Darling, Chris Nelson, James Doig, Robert Bloch, John Foyster, Graeme Flanagan, John Clute, Darrell Schweitzer, Mike Glyer, Pamela Sargent, George Zebrowski (3 articles), John Litchen (3 articles), Patrick McGuire, Taral Wayne, and Fred Lerner.

The front cover is by Ditmar (Dick Jenssen), and the back cover a DJFractal by Elaine Cochrane.

SF Commentary 87 Screen (8MB) SF Commentary 87 Print (5.4MB)

SF Commentary 87

SFC 87 includes a Michael Bishop Special Feature: Michael Bishop's essay-review on the Silurian Tales of Steven Utley (published by Australia's own Ticonderoga Press), and a new poem; and Paul Di Filippo's article about Michael Bishop's fantasy works.

The issue includes a coverage of recent events at the Melbourne SF Club; tributes to people who have fallen off the edge of the world recently; reviews of Flag and Opuntia; Mark Plummer's ruminations about the oddities of list-makers; and Jennifer Bryce's and Bruce Gillespie's lists of the Best of Everything of 2013.

And then there is the enormous letter column, including feature letters by Ditmar (Dick Jenssen), Yvonne Rousseau, Leigh Edmonds, Steve Jeffery, Steve Stiles, and Tim Marion -- and many other contributors, such as Stephen Campbell, Dave Langford, Rick Kennett, Guy Salvidge, Greg Benford, Ian Nichols, Lloyd Penney, Larry Bigman, Pete Young, Tim Train, Joe Szabo, Patrick McGuire, David Lake, Jerry Kaufman, Ned Brooks, Gillian Polack, Doug Barbour, Martin Morse Wooster, Cy Cahuvin, Brad Foster, DJ Frederick Moe, Peggyann Chevalier, Murray Moore, Gian Paolo Cossato, Steve Sneyd, Milt Stevens, Jason Burnett, Fred Lerner, and Robyn Whiteley.

The front cover is by Steve Stiles, and the back cover by Carol Kewley. Our graphics artists include Brad Foster and Joe Szabo.

SF Commentary 88 Screen (8MB) SF Commentary 88 Print (7.5MB)

SF Commentary 88

SF Commentary 88 has over 60 contributors, mainly as writers of letters of comment (including feature letters from Leigh Edmonds, Greg Benford, Doug Barbour, Steve Jeffery, George Zebrowski, William Breiding, Martin Morse Wooster, Jerry Kaufman, Darrell Schweitzer, Patrick McGuire, Mark Plummer and Casey Wolf).

The wonderful cover is by Ditmar (Dick Jenssen). Feature articles are from Michael Bishop (with both an article and poem honouring the memory of Philip K. Dick) and Patrick L. McGuire (on the work of J. D. Robb).

Bruce Gillespie natters about life, memory, loss, and the whole damn thing.

SF Commentary 89 Screen (8.9MB) SF Commentary 89 Print (5.8MB)

SF Commentary 89

From now on, the print edition of SF Commentary will be available only to people who have a substantial contribution in an issue; or subscribers. Ever-increasing postage rates are to blame. Sorry about that -- but if everybody downloads, I can afford to keep publishing regularly.

SF Commentary 89 (May 2015), all 75,000 words of it, takes up 76 pages in the Portrait (magazine) edition and 123 pages in the Landscape edition. Feature sections include Bruce Gillespie and Tony Thomas on the novels of Graham Joyce; Michael Bishop on the new edition of 'Who made Stevie Crye?'; Colin Steele with part 1 of his annual roundup of SF and fantasy book reviews; James Doig's interview with Graham Stone a few years before Graham died; Kim Huett's coverage of the life and work of J.M. Walsh; Bruce Gillespie's 'Genres Work Both Ways'; and long reviews from Gillian Polack and Guy Salvidge. Cover by Carol Kewley.

SF Commentary 90 Screen (6MB) SF Commentary 90 Print (4.2MB)

SF Commentary 90

As noted above, the print edition of SF Commentary is now available only to people who have a substantial contribution in an issue; or subscribers. Ever-increasing postage rates are to blame. Sorry about that -- but if everybody downloads, I can afford to keep publishing regularly.

SF Commentary 91 Screen (6MB) SF Commentary 91 Print (3.9MB)

SF Commentary 91

Bruce Gillespie, Jennifer Bryce, and Elaine Cochrane write about their Favourites of 2014 and 2015, and Colin Steele covers The Field—reviews of many recent SF, fantasy, and horror books. Front cover by Steve Stiles.

SF Commentary 92 Screen (8MB) SF Commentary 92 Print (6MB)

SF Commentary 92

How have poets reacted to the reach for space during the last sixty years? Ray Sinclair-Wood (Ray Wood) ranges widely across the world of poetry for his discussion of ‘Poems of the Space Race’. Michael Bishop pays tribute to late books of the late Lucius Shepard in 'Lucius Shepard and the Dragon Griaule Sequence'. And Bruce Gillespie, Elaine Cochrane, and the usual galaxy of epistolary stars say ‘I Must Be Talking to My Friends’. 70,000 words.

SF Commentary 93 Screen (10MB) SF Commentary 93 Print (6MB)

SF Commentary 93

This issue features fan autobiographies 'My Life, Science Fiction, and Fanzines' from Bruce Gillespie and James 'Jocko' Allen, plus the first half of John Litchen's long article 'Fascinating Marsh: 120 Years of Fiction about Mars', and Colin Steele's 'The Field', his annual roundup up of SF and fantasy books. Front cover by Ditmar (Dick Jenssen) and back cover is a fractal by Elaine Cochrane.

SF Commentary 94 Screen (6MB) SF Commentary 94 Print (6MB)

SF Commentary 94

For financial reasons I can no longer afford to print copies of SF Commentary, so the PDF editions, courtesy of efanzines.com, are the only way of accessing SFC 94 and all future issues of SF Commentary and Treasure.

SF Commentary 94 is the first part of a two-part issue. It includes Bruce Gillespie celebrating his 70th birthday -- and a few other notable birthdays -- casting a jaundiced eye over 2016, and conducting the usual roundup of goodies in ‘I Must Be Talking to My Friends’.

Leigh Edmonds writes at length about his ambitious ‘History of Australian Fandom’ project, Robert Day locs nine (!) issues of SFC, and Mike Glyer celebrates Dick Jenssen’s recent Rotsler Award win. Other major contributors include cover artists Steve Stiles and Randy Byers, cartoonist Taral, and correspondents such as Patrick McGuire, Alex Skovron, Ray Wood, Casey Wolf, and Lloyd Penney.

SFC 95 will include the second part of John Litchen’s ‘Fascinating Mars’ article.

SF Commentary 95 Screen (11MB) SF Commentary 95 Print (8MB)

SF Commentary 95

Cover by Ditmar (Dick Jenssen).

Major articles by John Litchen (the second part of ‘Fascinating Mars’) and Colin Steele (his usual book round up ‘The Field’), as well as articles by Tim Train and Yvonne Rousseau.

Major tribute to 2017 Chandler Award-winning Bill Wright by LynC and Dick Jenssen, and memories of Brian Aldiss, David J. Lake, Jack Wodhams, Randy Byers, Joyce Katz, among others.

Lots of lively conversations featuring such SFC stalwarts as Michael Bishop, Leigh Edmonds, Robert Day, Patrick McGuire, Matthew Davis, Doug Barbour, Ray Wood, Larry Bigman, and many more.

SF Commentary 96 Screen (9MB) SF Commentary 96 Print (8MB)

SF Commentary 96

70,000 words. Contributors include the editor and many loccers, with tributes to Ursula Le Guin, Kate Wilhelm, Peter Nicholls, Brian Aldiss and Dave Hartwell, among others.

Covers by Carol Kewley and Elaine Cochrane.

Also: Andrew Milner on George Turner’s THE SEA AND SUMMER, Ron Drummond looks sideways at the work of Steve Erickson, Ray Sinclair-Wood on SF poetry, Pete Young on the ISFDB, and Yvonne Rousseau on Aldiss’s HELLICONIA.

SF Commentary 97 Screen (8MB) SF Commentary 97 Print (7MB)

SF Commentary 97

SF Commentary 97, August 2018, is really the second half of SFC 96. 70,000 words.

Not only the BEST OF EVERYTHING 2016 and 2017 from Bruce Gillespie, Jennifer Bryce, Ian Mond, and Doug Barbour, but also various TRIBUTES  to those lost in action recently: Lucy Zinkiewicz, Shelby Vick, Gardner Dozois, and Harlan Ellison, and a celebration of the fannish career of this year’s A. BERTRAM CHANDLER AWARD winner EDWINA HARVEY.

SF Commentary 98 Screen (8MB) SF Commentary 98 Print (7MB)

SF Commentary 98

SF Commentary 98 is Part 1 of the 50th Anniversary Edition. It should have appeared in January 2019, but here it is in April. 84 pages (print-equivalent edition) and 146 pages (landscape edition) of mainly fan-historical material.
Bruce Gillespie (with help from Gillian Polack and Brian Aldiss) tells the short histories of SF Commentary and Norstrilia Press. Australian poet Alex Skovron introduces the issue with a poem, and Tim Train, Denny Marshall and Daniel King provide other poems. There are tributes to Kate Wilhelm, Steve Sneyd, Randy Byers, Milt Stevens, Fred Patten, June Moffatt, Derek Kew, and Merv Barrett from Gordon Van Gelder, Bruce Gillespie, Dave Langford, Andrew Darlington, John Hertz, Ron Drummond, Tom Cardy, and Nigel Rowe. And Colin Steele provides a particularly full bag of reviews of new books.
Covers by Elaine Cochrane (an embroidery) and Ditmar (Dick Jenssen).

SF Commentary 99 Screen (6MB) SF Commentary 99 Print (5MB)

SF Commentary 99

SF Commentary 99 is the 50th Anniversary Edition, Part 2. Like Part 1, it was supposed to appear in January this year, but instead is the July 2019 edition. Part 3 will follow as soon as possible. It was also supposed to appear in January.

SF Commentary 99, July 2019, 80 pages (portrait edition) and 130 pages (landscape edition) features tributes to science fiction people recently lost in action, such as Vonda McIntyre and Gene Wolfe, the letter column of locs responding to SFCs 96 and 97, and “The History of the Nova Mob” (Melbourne’s SF discussion group) written by Bruce Gillespie (with an extra article by Yvonne Rousseau) with much extra information from people such as Kim Huett.

Cover photograph by Randy Byers, and back cover graphic by Ditmar (Dick Jenssen).

The Metaphysical Review
The Metaphysical Review 26/27 - July 1998 (3.3MB)
The Metaphysical Review 28/29 - August 1998 (1.3MB)
*brg* 36 (2.9MB) for the October 2003 ANZAPA mailing
Steam Engine Time

Steam Engine Time #13

Steam Engine Time #12

Steam Engine Time 1 (1MB) Steam Engine Time 2 (845KB)
Steam Engine Time 3 (1MB) Steam Engine Time 4 (2.5MB)
Steam Engine Time 5 (1.6MB) Steam Engine Time 6 (2.7MB)
Steam Engine Time 7 (2.7MB) Steam Engine Time 8 (3MB)
Steam Engine Time 9 (4.4MB) Steam Engine Time 10 (5MB)
Steam Engine Time 11 (4.7MB) Steam Engine Time #12 (5.5MB)
Steam Engine Time 13 (6.7MB)  
Scratch Pad
File sizes vary from 72KB to 6MB; most early issues are under 1MB. All files are in PDF format.

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Treasure replaces Scratch Pad on efanzines.com—mainly so the numbering in the e-edition matches the numbering of the print edition, produced originally for ANZAPA. However, Treasure includes pages extra to the print edition, and the e-edition includes many photos in colour.

Treasure 4, October 2016, is the latest Bruce Gillespie fanzine about all the interests he and his friends share other than SF and fantasy. 50,000 words. Print edition available to a few people from: Bruce Gillespie, 5 Howard Street, Greensborough VIC 3088, Australia. New email address: gandc001@bigpond.com.

Contributors include Mervyn Barrett and Robert Lichtman on aspects of fandom; Robyn Whiteley, Don Collins and Gail Reynolds paying tribute to John Collins, a man few of you will have met; Jennifer Bryce toodling around Britain and taking lots of photos; and Robert Day describing his life in train fandom (and taking lots of photos).

Treasure 1 (Landscape, 9.9MB) Treasure 1 (Portrait, 6.5MB)
Treasure 2 (Landscape, 11MB) Treasure 2 (Portrait, 6.3MB)
Treasure 3 (Landscape, 5.6MB) Treasure 3 (Portrait, 4.4MB)
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