Science Fiction Bibliography
D.R. Welch and William Crawford

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Science Fiction Bibliography Vol.1 No.1 (1935) (871KB)

Robert Lichtman writes:

This 1935 publication, Science Fiction Bibliography, is credited in the Fanzine Index to D.R. Welch and William Crawford. It is my understanding that Welch put it together and Crawford, who around that time was publishing Marvel Tales (an early semi-prozine), did the printing.

The issue is half-letter size and only a dozen pages. The original is from the collection of John L. Coker, III, and is reproduced here by his kind permission.

Perhaps the most amazing piece in it is Welch's dismissal of Bob Tucker's first fanzine, The Planetoid, at the bottom of page 9. And for collectors, check out the prices for now very rare and pricey fanzines on pages 11 and 12.

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