Rhyme & Paradox
by Kat Templeton

All files are in PDF format

Rhyme & Paradox is Kat’s first try at a fanzine, balancing carefully on the line between a genzine and a perzine. Topics may include science fiction, sports, books, pieces of fancy, coincidences, and other randomness that might happen to fall out of the editor’s brain or catch her attention. Contributions always welcome.

Rhyme & Paradox #½ (509KB)

Rhyme & Paradox #1 (2MB)

Rhyme & Paradox #1½ (2MB)

Over the Hill* was produced by Kat under the auspices of CBJ Press, the publishing arm of the multimedia conglomerate the Citizens for Boysenberry Jam, for WOOF 36, the randomly random APA of Renovation, the 2011 Worldcon.

Over the Hill* (468KB)


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