Planetary Stories & Pulp Spirit
edited by
Shelby Vick

Shelby writes: I'm 76 years old, and have been reading sf & fantasy for 70 years -- that is, if you count Flash Gordon, Prince Valiant and the Burroughs Mars and Venus books. One day I was at the newsstand looking for Western Stories for my grandfather—and there was Astounding Stories (currently known as Analog). Following, of course, I ran across Startling and Planet Stories and Thrilling Wonder and Amazing and. . .but, you get the idea.

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1 No. 1 (HTML)

No. 1 (284KB PDF)

No. 2 (HTML)

No. 2 (513KB PDF)
No. 3 (HTML)  No. 3 (1.4MB PDF)
  No. 4 (918KB PDF)
  No. 5 (2MB PDF)
No. 23 (HTML)  No. 23 (3.7MB PDF)


Pulp Spirit

Pulp Spirit #14 (3.5MB)



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