by Bruce Townley

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Bruce writes:

The mid to late 1990s were an interesting time, at least zine-wise. The ready availability of word-processing, personal computers and photo-copying caused a blossoming of zines all over. Some were devoted to rather specialized subjects (there was one all about the subway system of New York City for example) others were more general in scope and yet others defied classification and could only be described as art objects that happened to appear on paper and came in the mail. There was also the redoubtable Factsheet 5, kind of a meta-zine that detailed the goings-on in the zine world and provided a valuable means of entry to it through its seemingly innumerable reviews of same.

Five of my friends did zines back then that really inspired me. That would be Candi Strecker (Sidney Suppey’s Quarterly And Confused Pet Monthly, It’s A Wonderful Lifestyle), Cheryl Cline (Twangin’), Lynn Peril (Mystery Date), Al Hoff (Thrift Score) and John Marr (Murder Can Be Fun). They proved to me that zines can be about anything. And quite frequently were. Thanks y’all! Oblong was my attempt, however flawed, to document what was going on with me and caught my eye during that period. Which is just exactly all you can ask of a zine I think.

Please note that most, if not all, of the addresses and the like have changed in the ensuing period.

Oblong #1 (1.1MB) Oblong #2 (2.2MB)
Oblong #3 (1.4MB) Oblong #4 (1.7MB)
Oblong #5 (1.6MB) Oblong #6 (1.6MB)
Oblong #7 (1.6MB)



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