Lake’s Folly
Nowhere Fan
Christina Lake

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Lake’s Folly is a collection of writings by Christina Lake published for the 2018 Eastercon, Follycon, where she was Fan Guest of Honour.

Christina writes:

I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to put together a collection of my own work for Follycon. Since I’ve been writing for fanzines and apas for over three decades, the challenge was what to put in the collection. Fan writing is personal and idiosyncratic, and relies heavily on context and a shared culture to work. I’ve tried to choose pieces which I think stand alone or are evocative of certain times or places within fandom. For those of you reading this who have never met me, or are new to fandom, consider this a window into what it was like becoming a fan in the 1980s and where it has taken me since then. For those who know me already, I hope you will enjoy reading or re-reading these pieces.


Nowhere Fan was first published by Christina Lake for Corflu XXX in Portland, Oregon, May 2013. Issue 2 followed in December 2013, issue 3 in March 2015, and issue 4 in November 2017.

See also Head!, Christina's fanzine with Doug Bell.

Nowhere Fan #1
Nowhere Fan #2
Nowhere Fan #3
Nowhere Fan #4

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