Novacon and the Nova Awards
by Steve Green

In 1973, Novacon instituted the annual Nova Awards to celebrate achievement in British science fiction fanzines. Originally handed down by a panel of judges, these accolades were subsequently decided by all Novacon members who could demonstrate a basic knowledge of current fanzines and expended into three categories: best fanzine, best fanzine writer, best fanzine artist. Since 2003, the Novas have also included Irish fanzines and certain electronic publications.

This year, voting in the Nova Awards is being opened up to all fans resident in the UK or Eire who’ve read at least six eligible fanzines. You can vote by e-mail using the ballot form below (deadline: 5 November 2011).

A list of known eligible fanzines (many of which can be read online) is available at

A list of past winners appears here:

This year’s winners will be announced at Novacon 41 on Sunday, 13 November 2011. To learn more about Novacon, visit our website:

Steve Green, Administrator

Nova Awards Ballot Form (24KB Word document)

Nova Awards Rules (62KB PDF)

Last revised: 3 November, 2011

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