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Noumenon #1

Noumenon, the New Zealand Science Fiction Magazine, was written, edited, produced and published by Brian Thurgood from Waiheke Island, in Auckland, New Zealand. Directed at readers of contemporary science fiction, it featured articles, news items and reviews, as well as regular columns, letters and artwork contributed by readers. One notable contributor was comic artist Colin Wilson, who helped with the design, wrote a regular column on science fiction art, and provided interior illustrations and the occasional cover. The first issue was published in March 1976. It ran for 7 years with issue 46/47 coming out in June 1982.

From the introduction to the first issue:

Noumenon is being produced for the ever increasing numbers of people who read sf regularly, especially for those who have contributed to the 70% (aggregate) increase in sf book sales per year in NZ for the last 3 or 4 years. It is also for those who’ve read some sf and would like some guidance in what to try next. With this in mind, I hope Noumenon will serve as a useful supplement to school or university studies and courses, and as a handy reference for both public and educational libraries/librarians. In other words, I hope Noumenon will serve the newcomer to sf, the buff, and.or anyone who has some degree of academic interest in the genre.”

–Brian Thurgood, Waiheke Island 1976.

Noumenon #1 March 1976
Noumenon #2 April 1976
Noumenon #3 May 1976

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