Lake Geneva
Star Wars: Revenge of the Fan Theories
edited by

Pablo Vazquez

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Star Wars: Revenge of the Fan Theories

Pablo writes:

Star Wars: Revenge of the Fan Theories

The hapzardly put together ramblings of utterly confused fans who read far too deep into anything that you see before you is full of spoilers for The Force Awakens. It also contains theories concocted also hapzardly (some with coherence), mostly sober (well, mostly), and with a knowledge that they very well could be absolutely wrong (except that they’re right). Now, if this is exactly what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place. So, go forth, grab your Jedi robes made of tin foil, and hope the Sith equivalent of the NSA (LOL, redundant statement!) isn’t watching over you as you figure out the galactic truth.

As always, may the force be with you.

-Pablo “Editor Palpatine” Vazquez

Star Wars: Revenge of the Fan Theories (491KB)


Lake Geneva

Pablo writes:

Lake Geneva #5

Lake Geneva is a fanzine project organized by young fen (well, young but able to copiously drink) who live together and honestly spend far too much of their time indulging in every element of science-fiction and fantasy available. The brainchild of Pablo M.A Vazquez III, it was born out of a desire to give back to the fandom he loves so dear and not just spend all of his free time watching Star Trek re-runs. Concentrating mostly on literature, they and their wide range of fantastic contributors also delve in music, movies, television, video games and whatever format science-fiction and fantasy finds itself in nowadays, both with an intellectual and self-aware perspective. Beginning with Issue #1 debuting in early October 2013, Lake Geneva declares (but never promises) that it will be a bi-monthly publication worthy of being read by fandom at large.

Lake Geneva is chock-full of articles, reviews, stories, recommendations, poetry and so much more, not to mention the occasional fantastic photography/art, coupled with the more common amateur photography by LG’s editors in regards to their adventures at various events and conventions. They encourage letters be sent to and that death threats be labeled in the subject as “Spam”, but they also encourage you to enjoy Lake Geneva and let them know how they can improve for the betterment of fandom everywhere and so they don’t become total pariahs."

Lake Geneva #5 is the last issue of the fanzine (August 2015)

Lake Geneva #1 (1.2MB)
Lake Geneva #2 (1.5MB)
Lake Geneva #3 (1.1MB)
Lake Geneva #4 (2.1MB)
Lake Geneva #5 (1.5MB)

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