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Kalien is a personalzine that has been produced irregularly since August/September 1984. It comes from Melbourne, Australia and hopefully has an Australian accent.

Kalien #82

It may be small, but it has much to be humble about. Jocko loves the thrill of holding a just finished copy in his hand, distributing copies is good but having a newly completed issue is what fanzines are all about.

Jocko, the editor, is a proud Life Member of the Melbourne Science Fiction Club. He has been Club Activator, Librarian, Newszine editor and Keeper of the kitchen (9 years, that's a lot of dishes washed up).

He is a mad Babylon 5, Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams fan and especially adores The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which introduced him to fandom; nothing has ever been the same since.

Despite the numbering, Kalien #82 is the current issue..

Kalien #5 (2.4MB) Archive issue
Kalien #88 May 2014 (588KB)
Kalien #89 (2MB)
Kalien #83 (5.5MB)
Kalien #82 (1.5MB)

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