Remembering Jim Young
edited by

Karen Schaffer

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Karen Schaffer writes:

Jim Young was a great guy who died unexpectedly and far too soon. He was a founder of Minneapolis fandom and chair of the Minneapolis in ’73 worldcon bid. When Loncon 3, the 2014 London Worldcon, offered memorial park benches in their dealers room, friends raised funds to sponsor one for Jim.

Karen produced this small tribute zine, reprinting material from Rune 87, the Minn-stf clubzine, with additional photos from DavE Romm, David Dyer-Bennet, and Fred A Levy Haskell.

The zine was attached to the memorial bench, which had a brass plaque in Jim’s memory. The bench was also festooned with crocheted dodos created by Giovanna Fregni and Karen, plus one tie-dyed felt pigeon in honor of the original Wizard of the Pigeons theme of the park benches. The dodos were donated to benefit fan travel funds, and the brass plaque went home with Greg Ketter, of Dreamhaven Books in Minneapolis, who will put it on a bench at the store.

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