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The Wright Stuff

Bill Wright was the DUFF laureate at LoneStarCon 3, the 71st Worldcon in San Antonio, Texas, on Aug 29 – Sep 2, 2013. DUFF is the Down Under Fan Fund, which sends North American or Australian/New Zealand delegates to each continent’s top convention in alternate years.

Read the flyer, Bill's campaign fanzine, Aussie Transpacific, and The Wright Stuff, his zine for the WOOF apa at Worldcon..

Bill also published a fanzine, Six Pillars of Space Opera, under different covers at fan centres all over U.S.A. during his DUFF trip in August-September, 2013.  Here is the well-polished version picked up by eager fans at the NESFA club house in Boston near the end of his trip.

The Wright Stuff - Six Pillars of Space Opera (1.1MB)


IRS February 2014

IRS December 2005
archive issue

Interstellar Ramjet Scoop

Bruce Gillespie writes:

Bill Wright joined Melbourne fandom in the 1950s and has contributed much to the Melbourne SF Club and other Australian fannish activities since then. He is best known for being a Lifetime Member of the Melbourne SF Club, a founder member of ANZAPA, a founder member of the Nova Mob (Melbourne's SF discussion group) and the Secretary of Aussiecon I, held in Melbourne in 1975. He also organised the Australian side of the Bring Bruce Bayside Fund in 2004. He has published IRS for many years.

In recent years, because of IRS, Bill Wright has won every ANZAPA annual popularity poll for which he has been eligible to stand.

See also the short 2011 season of Bill's ANZAPA fanzine The Antipodean Areopagus that ended with the reappearance of Interstellar Ramjet Scoop in December 2011.

IRS for ANZAPA 226 - December 2005
IRS for ANZAPA 241 - February 2008
IRS for ANZAPA 242 - April 2008
IRS for ANZAPA 243 - June 2008
IRS for ANZAPA 244 - August 2008
IRS for ANZAPA 245 - October 2008
IRS for ANZAPA 246 - December 2008
IRS for ANZAPA 247 - February 2009
IRS for ANZAPA 248 - April 2009
IRS for ANZAPA 249 - June 2009
IRS for ANZAPA 250 - August 2009
IRS for ANZAPA 251 - October 2009
IRS for ANZAPA 252 - December 2009
IRS for ANZAPA 253 - February 2010
IRS for ANZAPA 254 - April 2010
IRS for ANZAPA 255 - June 2010
IRS for ANZAPA 256 - August 2010
IRS for ANZAPA 257 - October 2010
IRS for ANZAPA 258 - December 2010
IRS for ANZAPA 264 - December 2011
IRS for ANZAPA 265 - February 2012
IRS for ANZAPA 266 - April 2012
IRS for ANZAPA 267 - June 2012
IRS - September 2012
IRS - December 2012
IRS - February 2013
IRS - April 2013
IRS - June 2013
IRS - December 2013
IRS - February 2014

Special Feature

The Ultimate Relaxacon at Airlie Beach Resort (2002)

Special Feature

An Homage to Paul Myron Anthony Linebarger

Special Feature

The Planet of the Eggs

Inspired by Art Widner's Susie the Egg Girl conundrum on trufen, I prevailed upon computer graphic artist Dick 'Ditmar' Jenssen to allow me to publish his celebration of fractal geometry in art and story on eFanzines.

Having first appeared in serial form in my Anzapazine Interstellar Ramjet Scoop in 1997-98, the six essays were published as a paper-zine collection for distribution at Aussiecon 3 (57th Worldcon in Melbourne, Australia) in September 1999.

This electronic edition, exclusive to eFanzines, includes the relevant IRS cover at the start of each chapter. As indicated on the cover, the work is Public Domain, meaning that anyone is free to explore or exploit the contents as they wish.

The Planet of the Eggs

Meteor Inc - a proposal for a permanent science fiction institution and research collection in Australia. Website at

Utopias Conference Report

In December 2007 Bill Wright attended an academic conference on Utopias. This is his report:

Demanding the Impossible: The Third Australian Conference on Utopia Dystopia and Science Fiction, including a Comparative Utopias Workshop held at Monash University (Clayton campus) Melbourne, Australia, over 5–7 December 2007.

Report by Bill Wright, an academically challenged science fiction fan who represented the Australian Science Fiction
Foundation, the Melbourne Science Fiction Club and the Nova Mob (SF lit. discussion group).

Iconic Bookshops in Australia

A one-off fanzine celebrating the market for real books in Australia before it disappears forever

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