Edited by Eddie Trenchcoat and Mister Damage
(Steve Green and Alan Keeley)

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      I first met Alan Keeley circa 1990, when he was managing a video rental store around a mile from my home. A year or so later, when I was attempting to launch a career as a freelance journalist, Alan mentioned he was off to pastures new and wondered if I’d be interested in taking over his four-day rota. Since the owners had no objection to my bringing my computer along to catch up with magazine work during the quieter periods (of which there were many), my decision was a no-brainer.

      Alan and I kept in touch, not least because we shared a love for sleazy horror, particularly those movies effectively outlawed by incoming legislation and branded “video nasties”. By this time, I was writing a regular fanzine review column for The Dark Side, then (and now) Britain’s leading horror magazine, and I used to lend Alan copies of the more interesting publications.

Horrorshow #1

      I’m not sure which of us came up with the idea for Horrorshow, but for me it was a natural way to vent my increasing disbelief at some of the more ridiculous material I was being sent (the anal comparisons between various video releases, often oblivious to the fact that PAL and NTSC run at different speeds; the fascination with “flavour of the month” directors such as Dario Argento and Jorg Buttgereit, endlessly refreshed as the latest batch of Nth-generation tapes hit school playgrounds). Horrorshow was deliberately engineered to run against the grain of its contemporaries: mimeographed rather than photocopied (other than the covers), available for “the usual” rather than cash, abusive for no other reason than it seemed funny at the time. Still does, actually.

      As for the pseudonyms we adopted, I first used “Eddie Trenchcoat” as a byline when producing the occasional cartoon for my local newspaper more than a decade earlier, whilst “Mister Damage” had been Alan’s nickname / alter-ego for years beforehand. He was still using it when he played bass with the Midlands band Talisman, and it enabled frontman Clem Dallaway to track me down on Sunday and pass on the news of Alan’s death two days earlier.

      Shine on, Mister Damage, you crazy diamond.

      Steve Green
      26 May 2009

Horrorshow #1 (2.9MB)
Horrorshow #2 (2.2MB)
Technical note: Horrorshow has been reproduced from scans of the somewhat fuzzy mimeographed originals; although readable, the quality of the PDFs is not optimum.

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