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Home Kickin’

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Home Kookin’ and Home Kickin’

Arnie Katz writes:

Home Kookin’ #1, March 2009, is a oneshot produced at Non-Cor 1, the noncom designed to chase away the No Corflu Blues. It was written on Saturday evening, March 14, at the Launch Pad, the home of Arnie & Joyce Katz.

It is the Group Effort of the Actifan Element, which includes Tee Cochran & James Taylor, Bill & Roc Mills, Ross Chamberlain, Don Miller, Rick King, Ron & Linda Bushyager and Arnie & Joyce Katz.

Home Kookin’ #1 (150KB)

What happens when Wildfan Nic Farey and his charming wife Bobbie visit Las Vegrants? Despite what they say about things that happen in Vegas, Home Kookin’ #2 has it all in words and pictures. Well, most of it. This is a family oneshot fanzine, so there are some limits.


Home Kookin’ #2 (1.1MB)

It’s a special occasion when Sandra Bond returns to Las Vegas, and the Vegrants have marked the occasion with the third issue of Home Kookin’.

Home Kookin’ #3 (1.5MB)

Welcome to the 4th monthly issue of a fanzine that the bunch of us started on a whim, as a oneshot. Idle Minds features (it sez here) carefully considered and written articles, but Home Kookin’ is just the opposite.

Home Kookin’ #4 (1MB)

This 5th issue of Home Kookin’features the Nic & Bobbie Farey Housewarming Party and much more.

Home Kookin’ #5 (1MB)

This is the 6th issue of Home Kookin’, a more or less spontaneously monthly fanzine, produced at the 7/20 Vegrants meeting.

Home Kookin’ #6 (2.1MB)

The latest issue of Home Kookin' is the best yet as the Vegrants continue their rambunctious ways.

Besides the round-robin editorial, the issue includes a report on the meeting at which it was created, Bill Mills' "Jammin'" column, letters and a faan fiction piece by Arnie Katz, "The FanFather."

Home Kookin’ #7 (3.1MB)

This is the 8th issue of Home Kookin’, packed with writing, art and photography from the Vegrants and some highly talented friends.

Home Kookin’ #8 (2.5MB)

Besides the editorial, a Vegrants report and the letter column, #9 features articles by Arnie Katz, JoHn Hardin and Bill Mills.

Home Kookin’ #9 (2.5MB)

The Vegrants cruise into fall withthe 22-page 10th issue of the group's rowdy fanzine.

Home Kookin’ #10 (2MB)

The 28-page 11th issue of HOME KOOKIN' chronicles one of the biggest fannish weekends in Las Vegas Fandom history. And if you know YOUR fanhistory, that's really saying something.

The Vegrants turn out in full force to share the whole wild weekend in articles and photos. We wore ourselves out with five events, but we have rebounded with this timely fanzine.

Home Kookin’ #11 (2.6MB)

The holidays are over, so it’s time to get down to serious frivolous fanac. Not surprisingly, the Vegrants have produced a new issue of Home Kookin’. We’ve even got the typos under control.

Among the attractions are the first installment of Nic Farey’s fanzine review column, a group article authored by most of the prominent Vegrants and Arnie’s affectionate farewell to his last duplicator.

Home Kookin’ #12 (2.3MB)

Foul weather and massive indolence could not stop but only delay the 13th issue of HOME KOOKIN', the group enzine from the Vegrants.

Home Kookin’ #13 (2.5MB)

The observant will note the warning that this isn’t Home Kookin’. Rather it is an even more spontaneous fanzine called Home Kickin’.

Home Kickin’ #1 (1.2MB)

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