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Dan writes:

Fugghead #6

Fugghead is a fanzine where the literary le zombies of fannish lore come back to life. After years spent neglected in the dark corners of boxes, basements, and attics, these orphaned manuscripts and leftover fanzine contributions have been waiting for a chance to be rediscovered—a chance to finally be read and enjoyed by an audience still lively enough to appreciate them. This fanzine is dedicated to that proposition.

I like to call it Fannish Archaeology. It’s a search and rescue operation, but with staples. Many fans have these kinds of forgotten nuggets and gems in their files and it’s become my job, and my pleasure, to dig them up and present them to you. Often they’ve been left behind when a fanzine has unexpectedly had to call it a day, or given up the ghost, or its editor has discovered girls. Whatever the reason, Fugghead is here to offer new life to stuff written on old paper. (Have you got any? Let us know.)

One note: This may be the new age of the internet tubes, but this is an old skool fanzine. Print it out—otherwise that stuff up there about the staples won’t make any sense. Read and enjoy.

—Dan Steffan, Chief Fugghead in Charge

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