ZENITH - ed. Harry Turner

The slightly convoluted publication history of ZENITH can be gleaned from the listing below. Early issues were published to be distributed with FUTURIAN WAR DIGEST before ZENITH launched as an independent zine in its own right. A biography of Harry Turner (1920-2009) can be found at his website, now maintained by his son Philip, as can lots of other good stuff.

These listings are taken directly from the British Fanzine Bibliography.

There is a history of ZENITH by Harry on his website.

A technical note: Since these pages were scanned from copies of FWD that were, frankly, not the best mimeoed I've ever seen the actual images are of variable quality.

...................... Rob Hansen.

  1. Apr/41
  2. May/41
  3. Jul/41 ***
1 Aug/41
(-) Oct/4l *
2 Oct/4l
3 Dec/41
4 Feb/42
5 Apr/42
(-) Jul/42 **

(1) Jun/53
(-) Jun/54 ****
3 page
3 page
1 page

14 page
6 page
16 page
24 page
26 page
26 page
3 page

24 page
2 page
b/w FWD 7
b/w FWD 8
b/w FWD 26

(New Series)

b/w FWD 21

(New Series)
* called Hot Air.
**one page reprinted from New Series 1; other two pages original.
***merely a cover, so dated; distributed Feb/43.
****b/w Supermancon S.P.& C. (qv)