Vol. 6 No. 6.1

December 2007

Volume 6

2007 Index

--e*I*35.1- (Vol.6 No. 6.1) Index, December 2007, is published and copyright 2007 by Earl Kemp. All rights reserved.
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eI Volume 6 Index 2007

Compiled by Earl Kemp [with recycled William Rotsler illustrations]

Anderson, Karen (with Poul Anderson):
No Holds Barred, eI32, June 2007

Anderson, Poul (with Karen Anderson):
No Holds Barred, eI32, June 2007

Ashley, Mike:
Hooked, eI35, December 2007 

Banis, Victor J.:
Frankenpussy, eI32, June 2007
Neighbors, eI30, February 2007
Welcome to Antoinette’s, eI35, December 2007 

Benford, Gregory:
The Complete Toomey Experience, eI33, August 2007

Berry, Mark:
Interview: Algis Budrys, eI34, October 2007

Bloch, Robert:
Hitting the Fan, eI33, August 2007
San Francisco Confidential, eI32, June 2007

Bradley, Marion Zimmer:
Psychic Block, eI34, October 2007

Charnock, Graham:
Can You Turn It Down Please?, eI34, October 2007
Corflu Quire Confidential, eI32, June 2007

Coulson, Juanita:
Picnic Time in Wabash, Indiana, eI32, June 2007

Deckinger, Mike:
“The Club House,” eI31, April 2007

Emshwiller, Edward:
Amazing Stories, May 1964 [artwork], eI31, April 2007

Gorman, Ed:
Ted White Still Scares Me, eI32, June 2007

Graham, Roger Phillips: see Rog Phillips

Kemp, Earl:
Duet, eI32, June 2007
For Members Only, eI31, April 2007
Introduction to Interview: Algis Budrys, eI34, October 2007
Introduction to No Holds Barred, eI32, June 2007
REED ENTERPRISES, INC., eI33, August 2007
…return to sender, address unknown…20 [eI letter column], eI30, February 2007
            …return to sender, address unknown…21 [eI letter column], eI31, April 2007
…return to sender, address unknown…22 [eI letter column], eI32, June 2007
…return to sender, address unknown…23 [eI letter column], eI33, August 2007
…return to sender, address unknown…24 [eI letter column], eI34, October 2007
…return to sender, address unknown…25 [eI letter column], eI35, December 2007
Shuttering the Brick Hotel, eI30, February 2007
Sliding Down Mount Shasta, eI33, August 2007
‘The Things Peter Weston does to me,’ eI32, June 2007

Kemp, Earl Terry:
            Godfather Stories, eI31, April 2007
Len Moffatt: A portrait of a fan, eI30, February 2007
            Roger Phillips Graham Bibliography, eI31, April 2007
            The Anthem Series: Shasta Publishers, eI33, August 2007

Leiber, Justin:
            Fritz Leiber and Eyes, eI30, February 2007

Moorcock, Michael:
Child’s Christmas in the Blitz, A, eI35, December 2007 
Override, eI32, June 2007
Torture Time in Texas, eI31, April 2007

Neutzel, Charles:
Dad & I, eI33, August 2007

Ortiz, Luis:
Through EMSHwiller’s Eyes…, eI31, April 2007

Phillips, Curt:
Nelson Bond: “Payment in Fee Simple,” eI34, October 2007

Phillips, Rog [Roger Phillips Graham]:
Christ: An Autobiography, eI31, April 2007

Stiles, Steve:
            Dodo Noir [artwork], eI30, February 2007
            He Loves New York [artwork], eI33, August 2007
            Horror, The Horror, The [artwork], eI35, December 2007
Introduction to Persornal Choice, a portfolio, eI35, December 2007  
Persornal Choice, a portfolio [artwork], eI35, December 2007 
Spring Planting [artwork], eI32, June 2007
Take the Elevator [artwork], eI34, October 2007

Toomey, Robert:
The Improbability of Being Sidney Coleman, eI33, August 2007

Weston, Peter:
            ‘The Things I do for that Earl Kemp,’ eI32, June 2007

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