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eI 29 (html)

eI 29 PDF (1.6MB - 190pp)

Vol 5, No. 6, whole number 29, December 2006
Errata for eI29
A major mistake happened to two entries in the Who Killed Science Fiction? 1980 section of eI29. A large section of text of the Alexei Panshin entry was dropped, then reattached, in error, to the Robert Silverberg entry, and most of the Silverberg entry was deleted. Silverberg discovered this error and proceeded to unravel the mystery, for which I am very grateful.
In an effort to correct this mistake, the misplaced type has been repositioned and the missing text inserted in both the HTML and PDF versions. For anyone with a printed copy of the PDF, the corrected section (pages 169-190) may be downloaded here.
My most sincere apologies to both Alexei and Robert for this embarrassing mistake on my part. I promise to try to do better in the future.
                                        --Earl Kemp


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