Vol. 4 No. 6.1

December 2005

Volume 4

2005 Index

--e*I*23.1- (Vol.4 No. 6.1) Index, December 2005, is published and copyright 2005 by Earl Kemp. All rights reserved.
           It is produced and distributed at least quarterly through http://efanzines.com by Bill Burns in an e-edition only.

eI Volume 4 Index 2005

Compiled by Earl Kemp [with recycled William Rotsler illustrations]

Andrews, Dan
           Sheikh Yerbouti, eI20, June 2005

Banis, Victor J.
           Virgin Anew, A, eI22, October 2005

Bloch, Robert:
           Art of William Rotsler, The, eI18, February 2005

brown, rich (Dr. Gafia):
           Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain, eI18, February 2005
           Shelby Vick, eI18, February 2005

Burns, Bill
           Reflections, Editorial, eI19, April 2005

Charnock, Graham:
           My Gay Life, eI23, December 2005

Coad, Richard:
           My Walk to Work, eI18, February 2005

Coffeen, J.A.:
           The Buck Rogers Comic Strip, eI23, December 2005

Collier, Peter
           Pirates of Pornography, eI22, October 2005

Daley, Brittany A.:
           Finding Chet Collom, eI18, February 2005
           Finding Doug Weaver, eI19, April 2005
           Meaning of Sleaze, The, eI21, August 2005

Deckinger, Mike:
           Tales of ESFA, eI23, December 2005

Ditmar: See “Dick” Jennsen
           Buck and Wilma Adrift in Space [artwork], eI23, December 2005

Douglas, L. Truman:
           Finding Bill Edwards, eI18, February 2005

Elkin, Robert:
           France Book Checklist, eI23, December 2005

Freudenthal, Charles
           About Buck Rogers, eI23, December 2005
           Walking Down Dave Von Ronk Street, eI21, August 2005

Gafia, Dr.: See rich brown

Gertz, Stephen P.
           Living With Burroughs, eI21, August 2005

Gillespie, Bruce R.:
           Cordwainer Smith: Five Introductions, eI18, February 2005
           Maniacs with guitars and pianos, eI20, June 2005
           Nostrilia Press: The Fannish Way to Publish, eI19, April 2005

Girodias, Maurice
           Our Lady of the Flowers (with Barney Rosset), eI22, October 2005

Haynes, Jim
           Me and Maurice, eI22, October 2005

Jenssen,"Dick" (Ditmar) [Martin James Ditmar Jenssen]
           Buck and Wilma Adrift in Space [artwork], eI23, December 2005

Kearney, Patrick J.
           Maurice Girodias, Fandom, and Me, eI22, October 2005

Kemp, Earl:
           Acknowledgments (Me and Maurice), eI22, October 2005
           Bad Timing 2, eI18, February 2005
           Beating the Burro, eI18, February 2005
           Bitch Queen of Blood, The, eI19, April 2005
           Buck You Very Much, eI23, December 2005
           Curious Couplings 1, eI19, April 2005
           Curious Couplings 2, eI20, June 2005
           Curious Couplings 3, eI21, August 2005
           Curious Couplings 4, eI23, December 2005
           Dialogue (with Barry Malzberg), eI22 , October 2005
           It’s Over, eI19, April 2005
           Last Call! Closing Time!, eI19, April 2005
           Masque of The Tattooed Dragon, The, eI18, February 2005
           “Maurice…the gangster of love…,” eI22 , October 2005
           Me and Maurice (Introduction), eI22, October 2005
           Odd Man Out…., eI21, August 2005
           …Return to sender, address unknown….10 [eI letter column], eI18, February 2005
           …Return to sender, address unknown….11 [eI letter column], eI19, April 2005
           …Return to sender, address unknown….12 [eI letter column], eI20, June 2005
           …Return to sender, address unknown….13 [eI letter column], eI21, August 2005
           …Return to sender, address unknown….14 [eI letter column], eI23, December 2005
           Star of the East, The, eI19, April 2005
           Three Days in Cellblock B With Lynda Carter, eI20, June 2005
           We Are Four [editorial], eI18, February 2005
           Who Are You Really?, eI22, October 2005

Lamont, Gil
           Me and Maurice, eI22, October 2005

Leiber, Justin:
           Fritz Leiber and the Buck Rogers Comic Strips, eI23, December 2005

Lupoff, Richard
           Age of Ignorance, The, eI20, June 2005
           Buck Rogers, Nazi Fantasy, eI23, December 2005
           Confessions of a Book-Cadger, eI21, August 2005

Malzberg, Barry
           Dialogue (with Earl Kemp), eI22 , October 2005
           Repentance, Desire, and Natalie Wood, eI22 , October 2005

Nuetzel, Charles
           Nightmare With a Queen…of Blood, eI19, April 2005
           The Real Straight Dope, eI23, December 2005

Panshin, Alexei:
           Unanswered Questions, eI23, December 2005
           Using Google As An Oracle, eI18, February 2005

Pardoe, Rosemary:
           Sex and Rockets, eI23, December 2005

Ramirez, Thomas P.
           Darlings of Death, eI22 , October 2005
           Into the Abyss, eI21, August 2005

Richardson, Ryan
           “TAWCE’d About….,” eI19, April 2005

Rosset, Barney
           Our Lady of the Flowers (with Maurice Girodias), eI22, October 2005

Rotsler, William:
           [Various recycled filler illustrations throughout.]
           “I Am, I Said….,” eI18, February 2005
           Life Synopsis, A, eI18, February 2005
           lost portfolio, the (ecover), eI18, February 2005
           lost portfolio, the, eI18, February 2005

Scott, Art
           Fred Fixler—Mystery Artist at Last Unmasked, eI19, April 2005

Sohler, Gary:
           Earl’s Birthday Roast, eI18, February 2005
           I Remember Fred Fixler, eI19, April 2005

Stiles, Steve:
           That Crazy Buck Rogers Stuff [artwork], eI23, December 2005
           That Crazy Buck Rogers Stuff [article], eI23, December 2005

Stopa, Jon
           Evil But Ours, eI23, December 2005
           Two Thousand Light Years From Home, eI20, June 2005

Townsend, Larry
           Me and Maurice, eI22, October 2005

Vick, Shelby:
           Me & My Paltry, Pilfering Porn, eI18, February 2005

Wachtel, Joshua:
           Roastin’ Tunes, eI18, February 2005

White, Ted
           Will Eisner – The Spirit Is Strong, eI21, August 2005
           Wonder Woman, eI20, June 2005

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