Vol. 3 No. 6.1

December 2004

Volume 3

2004 Index

--e*I*17.1- (Vol. 3 No. 6.1) Index, December 2004, is published and copyright 2004 by Earl Kemp. All rights reserved.
           It is produced and distributed at least quarterly through http://efanzines.com by Bill Burns in an e-edition only.

eI Volume 3 Index 2004

Compiled by Earl Kemp [with recycled William Rotsler illustrations]

Banis, Victor J.
           "Lady in Waiting,"eI13, April 2004
           "Matinee,"eI14, June 2004
           "…My true love gave to me….,"eI17, December 2004
           "To Bea or Not To Bea,"eI17, December 2004

Block, Lawrence
           "Afterthought (to $20 Worth of Cinderella), An,"eI14, June 2004
           "Lie Back And Enjoy It,"eI14, June 2004

Cooper, Peter V.
           "Greenleaf Classics, Inc. Manual of Style,"eI12, February 2004

Deckinger, Mike
           "How I (Almost) Became Ivar Jorgensen,"eI16, October 2004

Ditmar, see Jenssen, "Dick"

Economou, P.H. "Phyllis"
           "Man Who Stayed for Dinner, The,"eI13, April 20

Foyster, John
           "Science Fiction Versus Life,"eI14, June 2004

Gertz, Stephen J.
           "Everybody Loves Milton,"eI17, December 2004

Gertzman, Jay A.
           "Milton Luros' Times Square Wise Guy,"eI17, December 2004

Gillespie, Bruce R.
           "Discovering Olaf Stapledon,"eI16, October 2004
           "Ditmar, Dick Jenssen, the Good Doctor,"eI17,
             December 2004
           "J.G. Ballard and the New Wave,"eI13, April 2004
           "Our favourite Race Mathews story,"eI17,
             December 2004
           "Valediction Forbidding Melancholy, A,"eI16,
             October 2004
           "Wake Up, You Lot!,"eI14, June 2004

Hlavaty, Arthur D.
           "Monomanual Memories,"eI12, February 2004

Jenssen,"Dick" (Ditmar) [Martin James Ditmar Jenssen]
           "Ditmar Portfolio" ecover,eI17, December 2004
           "Incredible" ecover,eI16, October 2004
           "Ditmar Life, A,"eI17, December 2004
           "Ditmar Portfolio,"eI17, December 2004

Katz, Arnie
           "All Fandom in Peril,"eI14, June 2004

Kearney, Patrick J.
           "Checklist of Brandon House Library Editions, A,"eI17, December 2004

Kemp, Earl
           "Bad Timing,"eI13, April 2004
           "Bela Tolls for You, The,"eI12, February 2004
           "Come on let me see you shake your tail feathers….,"eI13,
             April 2004
           "Cherry Pink and Uncle Milty Time,"eI17, December 2004
           "Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, The,"eI12, February 2004
           "Dragon's Asshole, The,"eI16, October 2004
           "Earl Kemp by Robert Bonfils,"eI16, October 2004
           "H.R.H. The Queen of Pornography,"eI12, February 2004
           "H.R.H. The Queen of Weird Tales,"eI12, February 2004
           "Ho! Ho! Ho!,"eI17, December 2004
           "Hot Damn, Vietnam!,"eI16, October 2004
           "Jardin de las Marias, El," Editorial,eI12, February 2004
           "Letter to Martha Beck, A,"eI13, April 2004
           "Nobody Can Write This Shit Forever,"eI13, April 2004
           "Old Leather Hide,"eI17, December 2004
           "1955 Advent:uring Through the Years 2005,"eI16, October 2004
           "Partying at the Economous,"eI13, April 20
           "…Return to sender, address unknown….4,"eI12, February 2004
           "…Return to sender, address unknown….5,"eI13, April 2004
           "…Return to sender, address unknown….6,"eI14, June 2004
           "…Return to sender, address unknown….7,"eI15, August 2004
           "…Return to sender, address unknown….8,"eI16, October 2004
           "…Return to sender, address unknown….9,"eI17, December 2004
           "Shrink, I Wanna Kill….,"eI16, October 2004
           "Tiptoe Through the Twilltone With Me,"eI13, April 20
           "Top o' the World, Ma….,"eI14, June 2004
           "$20 Worth of Cinderella,"eI14, June 2004
           "2004 Corflu Blackjack," Editorial,eI13, April 2004
           "Wankering Through Time and Space,"eI16, October 2004
           "Westlake Twenty-Eight, The,"eI13, April 2004
           "Widdershins Man, The,"eI12, February 2004
           "Year of the Phoenix, The,"eI16, October 2004

Kemp, Earl Terry
           "Señor Pig,"eI12, February 2004

Locke, Dave
           "Thru A Glass, Greenly,"eI14, June 2004

Mathews, Race
           "Whirlaway to Thrilling Wonder Stories,"eI17, December 2004

Munroe, Lynn
           "First Andrew Shaw, The,"eI14, June 2004

Price, George W.
           "Advent:Publishers Master Archive, The,"eI16, October 2004

Silverberg, Robert
           "I'll Be Glad When You're Dead,"eI14, June 2004
           "My Life as a Pornographer,"eI14, June 2004

Sohler, Gary
           "Recollections of a Porno Photographer,"eI17, December 2004

Speray, Robert
           "Bonfils Cover Art is Back!,"eI16, October 2004

Stinson, J.G.
           "I Am a Fandom of One: A Fan's Manifesto,"eI16, October 2004

Stopa, Jon
           "Lefty Gloves," Guest Editorial,eI12, February 2004
           "Roaming Around Upstairs," Guest Editorial,eI15, August 2004

Weinberg, Robert
           "My Visit with the McCauleys,"eI13, April 2004


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