Earth Calling Biscuit Barrel
1991 Archive Issues
edited by
John Bray

All files are in PDF format

I got into fandom through OUSFG (Oxford University Speculative Fiction Group), edited their newsletter and read a few fanzines and APAs, but didn't like the long lead times for contributions and the letter columns where I'd forgotten the original. So some 18 months after I left Oxford, in March 1991, I started an electronic APA, gathering input from my friends and publishing issues by email once a month. As far as I know, this was the first electronic APA in the UK.

It ran for 5 issues, until October 1991, when increasing pressures from my involvement with Illumination, the 1992 Eastercon, caused me to shelve it. I'd viewed my role as administrator, rather than major contributor, but I was struggling to commission enough new content, and didn't want to make it a personal fanzine. I guess APAs did come out electronically after that, but didn't really seek them out, so don't know how the field progressed, and I've not really contributed to fanzines since, but it would be nice to have it remembered.

All issues were named after biscuits, for no good reason.

The PDF files are about 50KB each.

1 Earth Calling Biscuit Barrel

2 Fig Roll

3 Abbey Crunch

4 Fruit Jasper

5 Chocolate Hob-Nobs

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