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Leybl Botwinik

Founding editor: Aharon Sheer

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CyberCozen is Israel's longest surviving Science Fiction (SF) fanzine (we've been around since about 1988) – and the only one published in English. Founded as the voice of the Rehovot SF club (now defunct), it has continued to be published on a monthly basis by volunteers and is distributed free of charge (via e-mail).

The founding editor was the late Aharon Sheer. From June 2014, Leybl Botwinik – one of the few Yiddish SF writers – was assistant editor, responsible for preparing and releasing each issue, and is now editor.

Content varies from issue to issue, but usually contains:
1) A short Hebrew listing of key activities/news from the Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy. If there is anything of major interest (e.g. a Con) we translate to English
2) Book and movie reviews
3) Science fact section that touches on up-and-coming technology or how it may affect our near and far future. Sometimes just 'neat' stuff (technology, practices, etc.)
4) Occasional short story.

Except for #1, everything is in English. In the past, there were also occasional contributions in Hebrew.

We look forward to feedback, and especially if someone would like to contribute to a future issue.

Main repository of back issues is at:

Leybl Botwinik, Editor.

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A Very Brief Look at Science Fiction (SF) and Fantasy in Israel Today
By Leybl Botwinik

Israelis are becoming more interested and involved in SF and Fantasy. Science in general (via the Ministry of Education's curriculum), and continued promotion of the Israeli Space initiative have greatly increased exposure. However, the main current is due to the numerous SF and Fantasy related films screened in recent years, as well as the great number of translations to Hebrew of popular English language books.

Various SF and Fantasy clubs have sprung up in Israel based on popular themes or tales, such as Lord of the Rings followers, or fans of Joss Whedon, comics, gaming, and Manga. Several major conferences and conventions take place throughout the year, providing fans with films, lectures, and other activities. The key activists and activities are promoted via volunteers at the Israeli Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy:

Their newest project is to collect Israeli SF and Fantasy into an anthology (translating to English, as required) and expose it to the worldwide English-reading audience. The project is called "Zion's Fiction", and can be viewed at:

This site also includes excellent background articles and presentations on the SF/Fantasy scene in Israel (past and present):

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