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Jeff writes:

Cover was my longest-running fanzine. The first three proof-of-concept issues (mostly involving learning mimeography) were small apa zines for APA-45, in my sophomore year of college, starting in 1971, and they were numbered "X1", "X2", and "X3". The hybrid genzine/personal zine of the same title began in 1972 as whole-number 1 and continued through the 10th issue, in 1981. Somewhere along the way I left out an issue number, possibly by accident, and I can't remember which one it was at the moment.

I stopped publishing fanzines after Cover 10 until I began editing the Minnesota Science Fiction Society's Rune in the early 1990s, followed by co-editing 3 issues of Science Fiction Five-Yearly with Lee Hoffman, Geri Sullivan, Terry Hughes, and Andy Hooper. Since then I've mostly stayed active by writing articles for other people's fanzines, mostly for Geri Sullivan's Idea and Robert Lichtman's Trap Door.

—Jeff Schalles, February 6, 2017

Cover #7
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