Who Knows What Ether
Lurks in the Minds of Fen?
by Phil Castora


The manuscript which was edited to create this volume was originally sent to Lee Gold by Phil Castora in 2004. Previously Phil had provided me with three chapters of his autobiography which I pubbed in No Award #12 (Fall 2002), No Award #13 (Spring 2003), and No Award #14 (Fall/Winter 2003). When editing this manuscript I noticed not only the material added in this later version but changes and additions in the material which Phil had previously sent to me.

Phil was only a year older than me; but, when I joined LASFS in 1975, my affinity for APA-L soon had me getting to know Phil, a person with a fund of interesting tales from his time in fandom which predated my joining it by several decades. Mostly, Phil and I shared a love not only of the written word, but for putting it down on paper. Off and on during the past thirty-plus years, Phil joined me in both APA-L and LASFAPA in producing zines for both of these APAs. And when he offered me three chapters from the autobiography he was then beginning to write, I was only too willing to put them into my genzine (as noted in the preceding paragraph).

A few months ago, hearing of Phil’s death, I reprinted those three chapters of his autobiography and put them into APA-L, one of the outlets where Phil loved to put his words. Lee Gold then sent me the expanded version of Phil’s autobiography which she had; and, when I heard of the upcoming Memorial for Ken Porter and Phil Castora, I decided to edit what Lee sent to me with a view toward pubbing it for the attendees at the Memorial.

—Marty Cantor, February 2010 


Who Knows What Ether Lurks in the Minds of Fen?

Phil Castora 1934-2009
An Autobiography

Last revised: 9 March, 2010

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