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William Housel

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William writes:

Bullshit is published by William Housel, who can be reached at william.housel@gmail.com. It may be available in print, but typically only hand-to-hand or on a freebie table at some con somewhere. It will be available electronically.

Submissions of articles, essays, stories, filks, and rants are welcomed, though these will be printed under pseudonyms, and should most definitely be false. Submissions of art are also welcomed and encouraged, and might be published under whatever name the artist chooses, though not a known fanartist's name. Subsequent issues will include a letter column, which, again, would be best if pseudonymous, though if you want to just write a straight loc, a joke on your own name will suffice.

This zine contains only fibbing, fiction, fabrication, falsehood, deception, misdirection, counterintelligence, hoaxes, bullshit, horseshit, chickenshit, prevarication, disinformation, rampant speculation, and outright lies, all spun for your enjoyment.

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Last revised: 8 May, 2012

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