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Robert Lichtman writes:

Bob Pavlat became active in fandom sometime in the ’40s, and joined the Fantasy Amateur Press Association with the February 1950 mailing.  After he married Peggy Rae McKnight in 1964, they continued with a joint membership until his death in June 1983.  During this time he served in various official capacities (Secretary-Treasurer, election teller, etc.). 

He collaborated with fellow DC area fan Bill Evans on an update of R.D. Swisher's Fanzine Index, updating it through the end of 1952.  He chaired several early Disclave conventions, and is responsible for naming the fannish drink known as the Nuclear Fizz (based on a recipe by book dealer Tom Hadley). 

He also published a series of six FAPA Books, indexing the first 96 FAPA mailings with major annotation about the comings and goings of members, which mailings they appeared in, listing of officers, and more.

Bobolings was the name of his long-running FAPAzine, and this issue is a representative one.  

Bobolings - May 1968 (1.8MB)

Scanned by Rylan Bachman

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