Best Lines
(archive issues)
Charles Burbee et al

All files are in PDF format

Thanks to Robert Lichtman for providing Rylan Bachman's scans of Best Lines.

Robert writes:

The Best Lines oneshots, which Burbee and others were involved in producing for distribution in FAPA mailings between 1975 and 1979, are an interesting lot. Each has a unique title, always beginning with "The Best Lines Are..." They served in some of those years as a way for Burbee to maintain his FAPA membership as "editor" of the series, but they also revived "the classical Burbee-type one-shot": It has a theme, there is material prepared in advance of the actual day which is brought either in draft or finished form to the one-shot party (to which one is encouraged to bring one's own typewriter as well), and at the one-shot session each participant writes additional material slotted in where space is available.

The Best Lines Are Off The Xerox (#7)

Contributors to these one-shots varied, and in addition to Burbee included (in no particular order here, but as I found names in going through my file of them): David Hulan, Socorro Burbee, Dean Grennell, Milt Stevens, Dave Locke, Ed Cox, Gus Wilmorth, Leonore Cannon, Sharman DiVono, William Rotsler, Len Moffatt, June Moffatt, Ed Burbee, John Burbee, Moshe Feder (by way of a LoC), Mike Glyer, Don Fitch, Elmer Perdue and Jackie Causgrove. Grant Canfield, Jay Kinney, Rotsler and Grennell contributed artwork here and there.

At first glance these one-shots appear scrappy, but there's some great reading buried in those pages. Pause a while and enjoy! And thanks to Rylan Bachman for his scanning efforts to make them available.

Best Lines #1, May 1975 (5MB)
Best Lines #2, July 1975 (4.8MB)
Best Lines #3, October 1975 (4.3MB)
Best Lines #4, February 1976 (3.3MB)
Best Lines #5, April 1976 (6.9MB)
Best Lines #6, August 1976 (2.4MB)
Best Lines #7, August 1978 (3.7MB)

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