Thy Life’s a Miracle     and     Alternative Pants    
Randy Byers

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“Thy Life’s a Miracle” is a selection of some of Randy Byers’ fannish writing, the collection being published for the first time in April 2019.

This collection shows the range of his interests – opera, movies, sf, family, his role in the world. There are stories of conventions, weddings, turtle hunts, and walks through his favorite place in the world, that northwest Washington coast. The timeline ranges from his earliest writings for Apparatchik and before up to his last publication, the Corflu 34 Guest of Honor speech as published in Banana Wings. The writing is at times insightful, funny, and deeply moving – and of course, sometimes all three at once. This collection is a community effort.

Thy Life's a Miracle


When Randy Byers set off for England and other fannish hangouts in late 2010, little did he realize how important it would be to have:

Alternative Pants

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