FFANZ Across the Water
Alan Stewart's 1991 FFANZ Trip Report

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Alan writes:

FFANZ, the “Fan Fund of Australia and New Zealand”, was established to foster further good relations between Australian and New Zealand SF fans. Modelled on the established fan funds such as TAFF, DUFF and GUFF, it is financed by donations and usually conducts an annual ‘race’ or election to send a fan across the Tasman Sea on a visit. One year the new Zealand delegate visits the Australian Natcon, and the other year an Australian fan visits the New Zealand Natcon.

In 1991 I was elected FFANZ delegate to attend the New Zealand national SF convention, Forrycon, which was held in Wellington. The con was so named because Forry Ackerman was the GoH. In the end I pretty much could only visit Wellington and the South Island cities of Christchurch and Dunedin.

One result of my trip was the publication of my Trip Report, which was sold to raise money for the fund. The printed copies came with a green cardboard front and back cover, were side stapled, and green tape was run up the spine and over the staples. The contents were in black and white, and all photos were 'scanned' on a grey tone photocopier to produce black and white images, which were then glued into the master pages.

This PDF file was produced by scanning the master pages. I hope you enjoy it..

FFANZ Across the Water, 1991 (1.9MB)

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