A Meara for Observers
edited by
Mike Meara


Mike writes:

aMfO (as it is sometimes known) is a personalzine, that is to say, most of the contents are written by me, and some of them are about me as well.  It usually consists of about 20 A4 pages per issue; recent ones have been in landscape format to aid on-screen reading.  The current run started in 2011, and I aim to produce three or four issues a year.  The content is part-diary, part-fannish, with lots of photos and a big helping of letter-column; if you think fanzines should be about science fiction first and foremost, you might want to look elsewhere.

The nicest thing you can do in response to receiving an issue is to send me a letter of comment on it.  In fact, if you want the paper version, you'll need to do that on a regular and frequent basis.  I'm happy to receive other fanzines in trade, but preferably in pdf or epub format rather than on paper.  But I'd rather have a loc.  Reviews?  I've had a few, but then again...  I'd much rather have a loc.

If you're still interested, despite all my attempts to put you off, contact me at:

amfocontact1 at virginmedia dot com

and I'll send you a pdf of the current issue.

Last revised: 14 November, 2013

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