All Jacq'd Up
edited by
Nic Farey
Steve Green
Jacqueline Monahan

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Steve Green writes:

Despite the best efforts of the surrounding desert and daunting air fares, Jacqueline Monahan is fast becoming one of the worst-kept secrets in Las Vegas. Although there were a few raised eyebrows and quizzical expressions when Jacq was named 'best new fan' in last year's FAAn awards, the announcement held no such surprises for those of us who'd read her fanzine contributions or, better yet, met her in person.

Thanks to all who made this year's TAFF race an interesting and well-patronized event - Jacq Monahan was the TAFF delegate to the 2012 Eastercon in London, Olympus!

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All Jacq'd Up #1 (740KB)
All Jacq'd Up #2 (2MB)
All Jacq'd Up #3 (853KB)
All Jacq'd Up #4 (2.4MB)
All Jacq'd Up #5 (1.9MB)

Last revised: 13 October, 2012

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