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1970 London Eastercon - SciCon70

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Bill Burns, George Hay, Mike Rosenblum, Beryl Mercer, Derek “Bram” Stokes, Diane Lister

Marge Edwards shows off Eddie Jones' artwork

Bill Burns, George Hay, Mike Rosenblum, Beryl Mercer.
Mike was the 1970 Doc Weir Award recipient; Beryl was the winner the previous year.

Norman Shorrock

Ina Shorrock, Marge Edwards

Mike Moorcock

John Brunner & friend

Eddie Jones, Norman Shorrock, Tony Edwards

Norman Weedall, Wendy Freeman

Harry Nadler

Tony Edwards

Artists at work

The Royal Hotel Welcome Notice - with additions

The auction, 3:30pm Sunday.
Bill Burns, Mike Moorcock, Phil Rogers, Rog Peyton, Bobbie Gray, Dave Kyle, Robert Hepworth
This photograph was probably taken by the person with the
camera towards the right hand side of the audience shot below

Auction audience - click through for larger keyed version

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