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Corflu FIAWOL News - April 2019

Corflu is the annual convention for fanzine fans. Corflu 36 will be held on the first weekend in May 2019 at the Cambria Hotels & Suites in Rockville, Maryland (Washington DC area). Michael Dobson is Chair, and further details are on the Corflu website.

On February 9th the FAAn Awards ballot and instruction were posted at the Corflu website. The official name of Corflu 36 is now Corflu FIAWOL.

A page showing many of the covers eligible for this year's FAAn Awards is now on line. The category is expanded for 2019 to be Fan Art/Graphics, with a number of subdivisions.

As of 22 March, FAAn Award voting is closed.

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17 April 2019

Added Wolf von Witting's CounterClock #35

17 April 2019

Added Michael Dobson's Random Jottings #16 (Corflu 36 Program Book)

17 April 2019

Added Bruce Gillespie's SF Commentary #98

17 April 2019

Added Fadeaway #60, edited by Robert Jennings

17 April 2019

Added Christopher J. Garcia's The Drink Tank #410

17 April 2019 Added Journey Planet #44, edited by James Bacon, Michael Carroll, Chris Garcia, Pádraig Ó Méalóid
7 April 2019

Added Leybl Botwinik's CyberCozen - April 2019

7 April 2019 Added Opuntia #440, edited by Dale Speirs
7 April 2019

Added Felicity Walker's BCSFAzine #535

7 April 2019

Added Taral Wayne's Rat Sass #12

7 April 2019

Added Ray Palm's The Ray X X-rayer #144

4 April 2019

Added special publication A TAFF Guide to Beer, edited by Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer and featuring beer episodes from TAFF trip reports, several pieces of beer-related fan writing by Geri Sullivan, and pieces from each of the other candidates in this year's TAFF race

1 April 2019

Added special publication Thy Life’s a Miracle, a selection of some of Randy Byers’ fannish writing

Rat Sass #12

Opuntia #440

The Ray X X-rayer #144

BCSFAzine #535

Thy Life’s a Miracle

A TAFF Guide to Beer

25 March 2019

Added two publications to the TAFF page: TAFF News Redux #2 and T is for TAFFzine

25 March 2019

Added Guy H. Lillian III's Spartacus #31

25 March 2019 Added Opuntia #439, edited by Dale Speirs
25 March 2019

Added Fadeaway #59, edited by Robert Jennings

Fadeaway #59

Opuntia #439

Spartacus #31

25 March 2019

The latest 2019 issues of the NFFF's many fanzines are now available at the organization's website: Ionisphere 15, the March issue of The National Fantasy Fan, Tightbeam 294, Origin 13, and N'APA 239

Ionisphere #15

N'APA 239

Tightbeam #294


Origin #13

18 March 2019

Added Alexiad #103 edited by Lisa & Joseph Major

18 March 2019 Added Opuntia #438, edited by Dale Speirs
18 March 2019

Added Leybl Botwinik's CyberCozen - March 2019

18 March 2019

Added Michael Bolden's Busswarble #86, 87, 88 archive issues

5 March 2019

Added Charles Rector's Fornax #24

5 March 2019

Added Alexander Bouchard's Lightning Round Vol 5 #1

5 March 2019 Added Opuntia #437, edited by Dale Speirs
18 February 2019

Added Felicity Walker's BCSFAzine #534

Opuntia #438

BCSFAzine #534

Opuntia #437

18 February 2019

Added Leybl Botwinik's CyberCozen - February 2019

18 February 2019

Added Ray Palm's The Ray X X-rayer #143

18 February 2019 Added Opuntia #436, edited by Dale Speirs
18 February 2019

Added John Thiel's The PDF Dragon #14

The PDF Dragon #14

Opuntia #436

The Ray X X-rayer #143

5 February 2019 Added Opuntia #435, edited by Dale Speirs
27 January 2019 Added Bill Wright's The Ultimate Relaxacon at Airlie Beach Resort (2002)
27 January 2019

Added Guy H. Lillian III's Spartacus #30

27 January 2019

Added Wolf von Witting's CounterClock #34

CounterClock #34

Opuntia #435

Spartacus #30

27 January 2019 Added Opuntia #434, edited by Dale Speirs
19 January 2019

Added Taral Wayne's The Biluvious (one-shot)

19 January 2019

Added Christopher J. Garcia's The Drink Tank #408

The Drink Tank #408

Opuntia #434

The Biluvious (one-shot)

19 January 2019

Added Alan White's Skyliner #5

19 January 2019 The Science Fact & Fiction Concatenation, Spring 2019, is now on line
9 January 2019

Added Leybl Botwinik's CyberCozen - January 2019

19 January 2019 Added Opuntia #433, edited by Dale Speirs
5 January 2019 Added Opuntia #432 - Hogmanay 2018, edited by Dale Speirs

Opuntia #433

Skyliner #5

Opuntia #432

5 January 2019

Added Pete Young's The White Notebooks #14

5 January 2019

Added Alexiad #102 edited by Lisa & Joseph Major

5 January 2019

Added Taral Wayne's Rat Sass #11

5 January 2019

Added Garth Spencer's The Obdurate Eye #4

Rat Sass #11

The White Notebooks #14

The Obdurate Eye #4

31 December 2018

Added John Purcell's Askew #27

31 December 2018

Added Chris Garcia's Claims Department #26

Askew #27

Claims Department #26

31 December 2018 Added Journey Planet #42, guest edited by Sarah Gulde and Journey Planet #43, edited by James Bacon, Chris Garcia, Chuck Serface
25 December 2018 Added Opuntia #431, edited by Dale Speirs

Journey Planet #42

Opuntia #431

Journey Planet #43

25 December 2018 Added Journey Planet #41, edited by James Bacon, Chris Garcia, Pádraig Ó Méalóid, Anthony Roche, Merlin Roche
16 December 2018

Added listing for John Coxon & Espana Sheriff's Lulzine

16 December 2018

Added Rich Lynch's My Back Pages #21

Journey Planet #41

Lulzine #1

My Back Pages #21

16 December 2018

Added Fadeaway #58, edited by Robert Jennings

16 December 2018

Added Guy Lillian's The Zine Dump #45

9 December 2018

Added Michael Dobson's Random Jottings #15 (Corflu 36 PR3)

The Zine Dump #45

Random Jottings #15

Fadeaway #58

9 December 2018

Added Christopher J. Garcia's The Drink Tank #406 & 407

9 December 2018

Added Chris Garcia's Claims Department #25

The Drink Tank #407

Claims Department #25

The Drink Tank #406

9 December 2018

Added Leybl Botwinik's CyberCozen - December 2018

9 December 2018

Added Felicity Walker's BCSFAzine #533

9 December 2018

Added page for Brian Thurgood's Noumenon archive (New Zealand fanzine, 1976-1982)

9 December 2018

Added page for Eva Hauserová 's Wild Sharkaah archive (English-language Czechoslovakian fanzine, 1990s)

Noumenon #1
(archive issue)

Wild Sharkaah #1
(archive issue)

BCSFAzine #533

2 December 2018 Added Opuntia #430, edited by Dale Speirs
2 December 2018

Added Bill Plott's Sporadic #52 and one-shot Baseball and Time Travel

2 December 2018

Added Taral Wayne's Doctored Papers

22 November 2018

Added John Purcell's Askance #45

Sporadic #52

Opuntia #430

Doctored Papers

Baseball and Time Travel


Askance #45

22 November 2018

Added entry for the online fanzine of the Helion SF Club in Timisoara, Romania (Google translation)

22 November 2018 Added Opuntia #429, edited by Dale Speirs
5 March 2019 Added Opuntia #437, edited by Dale Speirs
18 February 2019

Added Felicity Walker's BCSFAzine #534

Opuntia #438

BCSFAzine #534

Opuntia #437

22 November 2018

Added Alexiad #101 edited by Lisa & Joseph Major

22 November 2018

Added Arthur Hlavaty's Archive III: The Sagacious Donkey

13 November 2018

Added Guy H. Lillian III's Spartacus #29

13 November 2018

Added Garth Spencer's The Obdurate Eye #3

Spartacus #29

Opuntia #429

The Obdurate Eye #3

Fanzines hosted on this site - almost 300 titles
Fanzine Reviews a column by Ted White 2001: issues 1 - 12
2002: issues 13 - 24
2003: issues 25 - 32
The 2007 GUFF Losers' Fanzine by Johan Anglemark & Anna Davour Oneshot
A Meara for Observers edited by Mike Meara See page for details
A Propos de Rien edited by Jim Caughran Issues 267, 268, 269, 271, 273, 275, 277, 312
A Tale from the White Hart edited by Ron Gemmell Special Iain Banks issue
Ad Astra APA Neil Jamieson-Williams OE One shot for Ad Astra 2014 convention
Alexiad edited by Lisa & Joseph Major Issues 1 & 13 through 85
All Jacq'd Up edited by Nic Farey, Steve Green, and Jacqueline Monahan Issues 1 - 5 of Jacq's TAFFzine
All Sinking, No Power edited by Jason K. Burnett Issue 1
Alternative Pants by Randy Byers Oneshot trip report
An Fleghes Hager-Na Yu Canjeons edited by Doug Bell Issues 1 - 4
Andromeda's Offspring
edited by Theresa Derwin Issues 1 - 6
Antipodean Areopagus
edited by Bill Wright Issues 1 - 4
Apparatchik edited by Andy Hooper, carl juarez and Victor Gonzalez Issues 67 through 80 (final issue)
Archive edited by Arthur D. Hlavaty Issues 1 through 3
Are You Still Here? by Steve Green Collected writings, 1986-2008
Argentus edited by Steven Silver Issues 3 through 14 (2014) plus Specials: The Argentus Guide to Gameshows; The Art of the Con; Neptune; From Argentus to Zenith
Arrows of Desire edited by Nic Farey Issues 1 - 7
The Art of Garthness edited by Garth Spencer Issues 1 - 9
Askance edited by John Purcell Issues 1 through 42
plus the In a Prior Lifetime archive and Shitgibbon one-shot
Attitude edited by Michael Abbott, John Dallman, and Pam Wells Complete archive, issues 1 - 12
Auroran Lights edited by R Graeme Cameron Issues 1 through 18
Back Numbers edited by Warren Harris Issues 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Banana Wings edited by Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer Summary and contact info for paper and (from issue 51) digital versions
The Banksoniain edited by David Haddock Issues 1 - 21
BCSFAzine edited by Felicity Walker
(Garth Spencer prior to issue 430)

The monthly club newsletter of the British Columbia Science Fiction Association.
Archive, and current issues 405 - 519

BEAM edited by Nic Farey & Jim Trash Issues 1 - 11
Bed & Bored by Laurie Kunkel Issues 1 - 14
Beloved Binema edited by R Graeme Cameron Issue 1
Best Lines Charles Burbee Archive issues 6 & 7
Ben'Zine edited by Ben Zuhl Archive issues 1 & 2
Big Sky edited by Peter Young Issues 1 - 5
Bits of My Boring Life, The Mail Carrier Brought It, Life of Rodney, Rodney's Fanac by Rodney Leighton Various issues
Black Cat edited by Alan & DeDee White Issues 0, 1 & 2
Blue Moon Special (formerly Active APAs) edited by Heath Row Issues 1 & 2
Bobolings edited by Bob Pavlat May 1968 archive issue
Boomchickawahwah! edited by Graham Charnock Corflu special
BosSFA Journal edited by Woody Bernardi for the Boston SF Association Issue 1
Breaking It All Down: The ’Zine edited by Alex Case Issues 1 - 12
Bring Bruce Bayside Bulletin edited by Arnie & Joyce Katz

Issues 1 through 15. The Bring Bruce Bayside Bulletin was the offical publication of the fund to bring Bruce Gillespie to Corflu and Potlatch in 2005.

Bruce's trip report, American Kindness, is now available.

Broken Toys by Taral Wayne Issues 1 - 47
Bullshit edited by William Housel Issues 0 & 2.71828
Busswarble edited by Michael Bolden Issues 83 - 88
Bye Bye Johnny edited by Graham Charnock Issue 4
Catchpenny Gazette edited by David Burton Issues 1 through 15
Challenger edited by Guy H. Lillian III Issues 32 - 41
A Change of Heart edited by Laura Haywood-Cory One-shot
Chunga edited by Andy Hooper, Randy Byers, and carl juarez Issues 1 through 25
Claims Department edited by Christopher J. Garcia Issues 1 through 22
Claptrap by Arnie Katz Issues 1 - 5
Collector by Howard DeVore The last issue
confusion & confuSon edited by Shelby Vick

Confusion: Issues 1, 3, 7, 10, 11, 12 & 16 (early 1950s)

ConfuSon: Issues 1 through 5

Consonant Enigma edited by Kristina Kopnisky Issues 1 through 4
Convers(at)ions and Spangled Course
and Clues and Gropes and The Descent of Fan
all produced by Douglas Spencer

Conversations: Issues 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 (October 2004)
Spangled Course: Issue 1, March 2003
Clues and Gropes: April 2007
Descent of Fan: November 2008

Convertible Bus edited by Tony Keen

Full archive (issues 1-13), plus The Convertible Omnibus and Swiss Tony Speaks to the Nation

Consurgito! edited by Warren Buff Issue 15
Corflu Memories edited by Peter Sullivan

Issues 1 & 2

Coronal Mass Ejection edited by Kent Pollard Issues 1 - 4
Coruscating Conundrums edited by R Graeme Cameron Issues 1 & 2
CounterClock and
edited by Wolf von Witting Issues 1 - 29
Issues 2014-2016
Cover edited by Jeff Schalles Archive issues 7, 9, 10
Crazy From The Heat produced by the Trufan Ten (Joyce Katz et al.) Issues 1,2, & 3
crifanac edited by Ken Forman Volume 2, Number 1
CyberCozen Aharon Sheer, Founding Editor; Leybl Botwinik, Editor Partial archive plus current issues
Cyfddydd edited by Steve Green Numbers 1 & 2
Critical Wave edited by Steve Green & Martin Tudor Second series, number 1
Da Curl of my Hair Jeffrey Boman's DUFFzine Issue 1
Dark Matter edited by Nalini Haynes Issues 1 - 10
D'Clutter Bug edited by Laurie Kunkel Issues 1 & 2
Degler! &
edited by Andy Porter Monadnock issue 1
Degler! issues 1 through 3A
Derogatory Reference edited by Arthur D. Hlavaty Issues 99, 100
Detritus edited by Chuck Connor Issue 1
Don't Shake Me edited by Warren Harris Issue 1
The Drink Tank edited by Christopher J. Garcia

Issues 1 through 401 plus specials

Earl Kemp Publications edited by Earl Kemp Special projects, plus:
eI issues 1 through 60 (complete run)
and SaFari (Earl's FAPAzine), issues 1, 2, & 3
E-Ditto edited by Eric Mayer Issues 1 - 17
Earth Calling Biscuit Barrel edited by John Bray Archive issues 1 - 5 (1991) 
Eat That Duck edited by Ron Gemmell Issues 3 - 5
eFNAC edited by John Foyster Complete archive, issues 1 - 31, and additional material
Endless Rain into a Paper Cup edited by John Toon Issue 1
Energumen edited by Mike Glicksohn (& Susan Wood) Complete archive, issues 1 - 16, scanned by Taral Wayne. CD Edition now available.
Enter At Your Own Risk edited by Chuck Connor Issues 1 - 6
Eric the Mole edited by Ron Gemmell Issues 4 - 6
Exhibition Hall edited by Chris Garcia, Ariane Wolfe and James Bacon Issues 1 - 28
Fadeaway edited by Robert Jennings Issues 28 - 54
The Fanactical Fanactivist edited by R Graeme Cameron Issues 1 - 11
FAFIA by Peter Sullivan Issues 1 - 5
Fans Across the World edited by Bridget Wilkinson Complete archive, arranged and formatted by Dave Langford
Fanstuff by Arnie Katz Issues 1 - 41
The FFix
(formerly Fortnightly)
edited by Steve Green Issues 1 - 33
File 770 edited by Mike Glyer. See also Issues 7, 79, 116, 132, 133, and 136 through 166

edited by Andy Hooper

Issues 1 - 20
Flicker edited by Arnie Katz Issues 1, 2, 3, & 4
Flipper edited by John Wesley Hardin Issue 1
Focal Point edited by Mike McInerney & rich brown Complete archive, issues 1 through 23, plus riders and the hoax issue 23
Forbidden Worlds edited by Robert Mapson Complete 1980s archive, plus new issue 15 (2011)
Fornax edited by Charles Rector Issues 1 - 19
FourPlay edited by JoHn Hardin, Jacq Monahan, Joyce Katz and Arnie Katz Issue 1
The Fractured Circle by Arnie Katz Arnie's 44,000 word novel, serious fiction set in fandom
The Frenetical Fanac Review edited by R Graeme Cameron Issues 1 & 2
Fringe edited by Ulrika O'Brien Issue 1
From Alien Shores edited by Jack Avery Issues 1 - 4
Fugghead by Dan Steffan

Issues 1 - 5

Further Ado by the Las Vegas Fanwriting Circle

Issue 1

Futurian Observer edited by Bert F. Castellari & William D. Veney. In later issues Veney was replaced by Ronald B. Levy

Kim Huett's archive of the 1940s Australian newszine.

Issues 1 through 34

Gasworks edited by Steve Swartz & John D. Berry Issue 1 (1997). Complete archive.
The Gay Blade edited by Woody Bernardi Issue 1 (Nov/Dec 2004)
Geek Girls Craft Podzine edited by Jade Falcon, Sandy Jacobs-Toille, and España Sheriff Issues 1 - 5
The Glitter City Gangstas & Gigolos edited by Arnie Katz Issues 1 & 2
Gnat's Testicles by Max & Ang One shot
Götterdämmerung Redux edited by Tommy Ferguson, Mark McCann and James McKee  
Gross Encounters by Alan Dory Issue 22
H-1661 by Rusty Hevelin 1948 archive issue
Half Life edited by Ryan Speer Removed by request of the editor, January 2016
Hard Science Tales edited by Joyce Worley Katz Issues 1 through 9
Hats for TAFF by Warren Buff, Kim Kofmel and Jacq Monahan One-shot
Head! edited by Doug Bell and Christina Lake Issues 8 through 12
Hexagon edited by Jason K. Burnett Issue 1
Home Kookin' by Arnie Katz et al Issues 1 through 13, plus issue 1 of Home Kickin'
Horrorshow edited by Steve Green and Alan Keeley Complete archive (issues 1 & 2)
Hyborian Times edited by George Heap Archive issue #1 (August 1967)
Hyphen edited by Walt Willis Issue 37, Autumn 1987
The page also includes a Red Letter Day review by John Berry
Hyperdrivezine edited by Ricardo Loureiro Issues 1 - 4
Idea edited by Geri Sullivan Issues 11 &12
Idle Minds The Vegrants Issues 1 - 4
If it's Friday, this must be Rajasthan by Jim Caughran & Janet Carrington One shot
Implications edited by Joyce Katz, John Hardin, and Arnie Katz Issues 1, 2
In a Prior Lifetime edited by John Purcell Issues 1 through 19, plus and furthermore ..., and special issues
Inca edited by Rob Jackson Issues 2 - 14
The Incompleat Register edited by Nic Farey Issue 1.1
The Ink Machine by Nigel Rowe Issue 5
Interstellar Ramjet Scoop
edited by Bill Wright IRS issues 241 through 258, 264 - Dec 2013, and Special Feature: Ditmar's The Planet of the Eggs.
Plus the Meteor, Inc. proposal, and Bill's WOOF zine for LoneStarCon 3
Investigation in Newcastle by Jack Speer 1944 research on Claude Degler
iOTA edited by Leigh Edmonds Issues 1 - 14
Ish edited by Felicity Walker Issues 2 through 5, plus X-Ray oneshot
Jackpot! edited by Arnie Katz Issues 4, 5, and 6
Journey Planet edited by James Bacon and Chris Garcia Issues 1 - 36
Kalien by James Allen Issues 5, 83, 88 & 89, 82
Kteic edited by Bill Rotsler Archive issues of the 1960s-1980s fanzine
Lake Geneva edited by Pablo Vazquez Issues 1 - 5 (complete run)
Light in the Bushel edited by Richard Brandt Archive issues 1-5 & 7
Lightning Round edited by Alexander Bouchard Vol. 1 issues 1-6
Vol. 3 issues 1-5
Vol. 4 issues 1-2
The Little Book of 42s edited by Jim & Carrie Mowatt Oneshot
Littlebrook edited by Jerry Kaufman & Suzanne Tompkins Issues 1 through 10

The Mail Carrier Brought It
Bits of My Boring Life

by Rodney Leighton Issue 1
Macabre edited by Don Hutchison Archive issues 1 and 2 of the 1940s Canadian fanzine, scanned and introduced by Taral Wayne
Manipulated Pixels by Kristina Kopnisky & Shaz De Sade Issue 1
Masque edited by Bill Rotsler Archive issues
The Mentor and Watt's Out edited by Ron Clarke Mentor: Issues 72 through 96
Watt's: September 2001 through November 2005
Memphen edited by Tom Foster Annual #1, 2004. A publication of the Mid South Science and Fiction Association.
The Metaphysical Review edited by Bruce Gillespie Archive issues 26/27 and 28/29
MidFanzine edited by Anne Gray Issues 1 - 5
Motorway Dreamer edited by John Nielsen Hall Issues 1 - 8
More Balls by Ang Issues 1 - 6
Mumblings from Munchkinland edited by Chris Nelson Issues 1 - 34
My Back Pages by Rich Lynch Issues 1 - 19
Neither Rain, Noir Murder... edited by Bill Bowers Issues 01, 02, 03, and 04
Neon by Arnie Katz et al Issues 1 through 6
Never Quite Aboriginal edited by Christina Lake Archive issue, 1999
Niekas edited by Ed Meskys & Felice Rolfe Archive issue 18
Nice Distinctions edited by Arthur D. Hlavaty Issues 1 through 31
No Award edited by Marty Cantor Issues 8 through 17
No Time, No Energy & Not Much To Say edited by dwain Kaiser Issues 1 through 13
Noumenon edited by Brian Thurgood Archive of the New Zealand fanzine, 1976-1982
Nowhere Fan edited by Christina Lake Issues 1 - 4
Nth Degree edited by Michael D. Pederson Issue 24
Number One edited by Mike McInerney Issues 5 through 9, 12, 13 & 16
Obir Magazine edited by R Graeme Cameron Issues 1 - 4
Oblong edited by Bruce Townley Issues 1 - 7 (full archive)
Odd edited by Raymond Fisher Issues 9 (1951), 14 & 15 (1967)
Of Mice and Martians edited by Jason K. Burnett Issues 1 & 2
Of Physicists and Fen edited by Anna Davour One shot
One Swell Foop edited by Garth Spencer Issues 1 - 9
Opuntia edited by Dale Speirs Most issues 249 - 407 plus selected archive issues
The Original Universe Jeffrey Boman Issues 1 through 12
Orion Mark Shainblum Issues 3 through 8
The Orphan Scrivener Mary Reed & Eric Mayer Complete archive
Orpheum Alan White Issues 1 - 8
The Other Side of the Wood by John Nielsen Hall Issues 1 - 3
Paranoid edited by Ian Maule Issuess 22 - 24
The Pasturian edited by Garry P Dalrymple Issue 1.1
The PDF Dragon edited by John Thiel

Issues 1 - 5

Peregrine Nations edited by Jan Stinson 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 3.2, 3.3. 3.4
4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4
The Personville Evening Herald-Argus edited by Jack Avery Issues 5 and 4-B
Phlizz edited by Chuck Connor Issues 1 & 2 - The Website
Phlogiston edited by Alex Heatley Archive issues 1 - 11
Physicality of Words on Paper edited by Anna Davour One shot
Pips edited by Jim Mowatt Issues 4, 5, 7 - 11
epub and mobi editions also available as of #9
Pint-Size Stories edited by Pat Virzi Issue 1
Pixel edited by David Burton Issues 1 through 16
PKD Otaku edited by Patrick Clark Issue 1-22, also Simulacrum Meltdown issues 1-3
Placeholder edited by Jason K. Burnett Issue 1
Planetary Stories edited by Shelby Vick Issues 1 through 5 & 23
The Pleasure of Ruins edited by R Graeme Cameron Issues 1 - 3
Prime Material by Rogers Cadenhead Issues 1-6
PrintZine by Christopher J. Garcia

New Series issues 1 through 3, and archive issues 0 through 6 of Chris Garcia's TAFF campaign zine

Procrastinations edited by John Coxon Issues 1 through 11
Pulp Spirit edited by Shelby Vick Issue 14
Quantum B*llocks edited by Jinnie Cracknell Issues 1 - 10
QuasiQuote edited by Sandra Bond Issue 8
Rain on Cherry-Blossoms edited by Eloise (Beltz-Decker) Mason Issues 1, 2, & 3
Random Jottings edited by Michael Dobson Issues 4 / 2 and 5 through 13
Rat Sass by Taral Wayne Issues 1 - 4
The Ray X X-rayer edited by Ray Palm Issues 107 - 138
Refraction edited by Gary S. Wilkinson Issue 1
(formerly Prolapse)
edited by Peter Weston Issues 3 through 20
Release the Hounds! by Rogers Cadenhead Issues 1 - 3
The Reluctant Famulus edited by Tom Sadler Issues 64 - 118
Remembering Jim Young edited by Karen Schaffer A memorial fanzine produced for Loncon 3
Revenant edited by Eric Mayer Issues 1 - 10
Rhyme & Paradox by Kat Templeton Issues #½, 1, and 1½
Also Kat's 2011 WOOFzine, Over the Hill*
Ribbons edited by Janine Stinson Issues 3 and 4 (final issue)
Royal Swiss Navy Gazette edited by Garth Spencer Issues 11- 21
Rubber Crab edited by Graham James Issues 5 - 8
Sailing North by Liam Proven Oneshot
SAM by Steve Stiles Issues 16 - 18
Sardine Tin Gods edited by Erika Maria Lacey No longer available on line
Science Fiction Adventure Magazine edited by Dale Cozor Archive issues and current Vol. 5 No. 1
Science Fiction Bibliography D. R. Welch and William Crawford Vol.1 No.1, 1935
Science-Fiction Five-Yearly Founded by Lee Hoffman Issue 12 - Hugo winner (and final edition)
See also the 70th birthday celebration one-shot for Lee Hoffman at
Science Fiction/San Francisco edited by Jean Martin & Christopher Erickson (founded as Jack Avery's SF/SF)

Issues 1 through 163

Scopus:3007 edited by Alexander Bouchard Issues 10, 11 & 12
Scratch Pad by Bruce Gillespie Issues 1 through 80
Sense of Wonder Stories edited by Rich Coad Issues 1 through 6
SF Commentary edited by Bruce Gillespie Issues 76 through 95.
Bruce's page also includes Great Cosmic Donut of Life and his ANZAPA zine brg.
Siddhartha by Ian Williams Issue 3:1 through 3:8
the clubzine of Science Fiction London (Ontario)
Mark C. Ambrogio and other club volunteers Issues 51 - 58
Skug edited by Gary Mattingly Issue 17
The Slan of Baker Street edited by Taral Wayne One-shot for Stu Shiffman
Smokin' Rockets edited by Joyce Worley Katz Issues 2 & 3
Smooth Active Badgers edited by Eloise (Beltz-Decker) Mason Issue 1 (Corflu 2003)
SNAPS Joyce Katz, OE, the Southern Nevada Amateur Press Society Distribution 13
So It Goes edited by Tim Marion Issues 16 to 18, plus The Arkham Archivist and Terminal Eyes #8 (2002)
Some Cyberpunk Zines edited by Patrick Clark Archive issues
Soipdalgeif by Rog Phillips et al 1948 archive issue
Southern Fandom Confederation Bulletin & Update edited by Warren Buff; Jennifer Liang as of 2013 Bulletin issues 9-1 through 10-2
Update issues 1-1 through 1-30
Space Cadet edited by R Graeme Cameron Archive issues 1 through 6 and new issues 11 to 26
Spartacus edited by Guy H. Lillian III Issues 1 - 23
Sporadic edited by Bill Plott Issues 19 - 46 plus specials:
J.T. Oliver Photo Collection.
Remembering Al Andrews.
Letters from Lloyd Biggle, Jr. 1959-1982.
Pittcon Remembered (1960).
Splotch edited by Arnie Katz Issue 1
St Petersburg Gazette and Dawson's Landing Herald edited by Steven H Silver One shot commemorating the centennial of the death of Mark Twain, 21 April 2010
Steam Engine Time edited by Bruce Gillespie & Janine Stinson Issues 1 - 13, the complete run
Steampunkopedia by Krzysztof Janicz (Piechur) Steampunk chronology and bibliography
Susan Wood a page in memory Aspidistra (complete archive), Amor (complete archive), and The Best of Susan Wood
Taboo Science Fiction written by Richard E. Geis

Taboo 1, 2 3, & 4
Exile: Earth
Flash Fiction
Star Whores
Taboo Opinions 1 through 115

Taciturn by Kurt Erichsen Issues 1 & 2
Also Snickersee #1 and Endeavor #12 ( both 1977)
Taral Wayne by Taral Wayne A selection of his fanzines and cover art
Taste Not The Pierian Spring edited by Erika Maria Lacey No longer available on line
The Tattooed Dragon Returns edited by Bill Rotsler Archive issue (1958)
Telepath edited by Arthur Haddon Issue 1 (December 1951)
Theresa for TAFF Newsletter Theresa Derwin Issues 1 - 3
They Made Me/Us Do It by Max Summer & Autumn 2002.
This Here... edited by Nic Farey Issues 1 through 14
Three Rocks edited by Rogers Cadenhead Issues 1 - 5
Time and Again Dave Locke Issues 3 through 13
TinyTAFFzine Jim Mowatt Issues 1 - 4
Tits, Sausages and Ballet Shoes Nic Farey One-shot
Tolkien Fandom Review Sumner Gary Hunnewell Five issues cover Tolkien Fandom through 1968
Transcendental Basenji Sermons and Enlightenment Garry P Dalrymple Most issues 2 through 56
Trap Door Robert Lichtman Issues 21, 22 ("Astonishing Trapdoor Stories") 23 through 32
Treasure by Bruce Gillespie Issues 1 - 4
Unexploded Ordnance John D. Berry  
The Unnamable Feorag NicBhride Issues 2 & 3
Unreliable Narrator edited by Doug Bell Issues 1 & 2
VConversation edited by Sayata Gabriel & R Graeme Cameron The newsletter of VCON.
Issues 1 - 3
Vegas Fandom Weekly Arnie Katz Issues 1 through 114 - complete archive
Vibrator edited by Graham Charnock Issues 2.0.1 - 2.0.46
The View From Entropy Hall edited by Ed Meskys Issues 29 through 38, 53 & 54
Virtual Tucker Hotel edited by Peter Sullivan Issues 1 - 25
Visions of Paradise edited by Bob Sabella Issues 103 - 170
Vojo de Vivo edited by Michael J. Lowrey Issue 2
Wabe edited by Jae Leslie Adams, Bill Bodden, and Tracy Benton Issues 1, 2, 3, & 4
WCSFAzine edited by R Graeme Cameron The fanzine of the Science Fiction Community on the West Coast of Canada.
Issues 1 through 22
Western Romance edited by Joyce Worley Katz Issues 1 through 8
Whistlestar edited by Lenny Bailes Issues 6 and 7
The White Notebooks edited by Pete Young Issues 1 through 9
Wild Sharkaah edited by Eva Hauserová Archive of the English-language Czechoslovakian fanzine, 1990s
Xenolith edited by Bill Bowers Issues 42 through 50
The Zine Dump edited by Guy H Lillian III Issues 25 - 39

Current and recent convention publications and reports
2005 ConFusion One-Shot A one-hour one-shot titled "59 Minutes of ConFusion." A 30-page fanzine created at Confusion 31, 22 January 2005, and edited by Jason Ahlquist, Lenny Bailes, and Geri Sullivan
2008 Chicago Worldcon Bidzine Chicago was bidding to host the Worldcon in 2008
2014 Novacon 44 Progress Reports

UK Novacon

Issues 1 - 3
2015 Dysprosium Newsletters

2015 Eastercon, London

Issues 1 -7 and spoof issue 8
The Aboriginal Route Guy and Rosy Lillian's 2010 Australian Worldcon Trip Report One shot - parts 1 and 2
Anticipation Official and spoof newsletters from the 2009 Worldcon in Montreal
Corflatch edited by Arnie Katz One shot - Corflu 2000 Report
Cosplay edited by Warren Harris Issues 2, 3, 4 & 5. Warren's animé con photo reports
The Emphatic Route by Guy H. Lillian III LoneStarCon 3 Report
The Escalated Route by Guy H. Lillian III Chicon 7 Report
Flavor Forecast Edited by Leah Zeldes Smith Progress Report for Operacon, Milwaukee Wisconsin, 12-15 March 2015
It's Bigger in Texas Fanzine produced at DeepSouthCon 2011 One shot
Kevin's Pants Fanzine produced at WesterCon 2008 One shot
Liars! The Journal of Lies Fanzine produced at BayCon 2009 One shot
Lost in Space 2009 Eastercon daily zine edited by Jim Mowatt Friday through Monday
The Minute Sixty Fanzine produced at BayCon 2006 One shot
My Evil Plan edited by Tom Becker Costume Con 26 newsletter archive
The Panoramic Route Guy and Rosy Lillian's 2009 Montreal Worldcon Trip Report One shot
Poorly Conceived Awkward Silence Fanzine produced at BayCon 2007 One shot
Rotating Moderator LOSCON 33's Fanzine in an Hour  
Small and Far Away One shot - Corflu Cobalt, 2010
The Smokin' Route by Guy H. Lillian III Sasquan Report, 2015
The Sunday Funnies One shot - Chicon 7, 2012
Tonopah Westercon Program Book (2012) Kevin Standlee
The VCON Vanguard

Graeme Cameron's progress reports for VCON 41 (2016)

Without Laurie Woody Bernardi's Corflu Glitter (Las Vegas 2012) trip report
Xanadu Memory Books produced by Alan White 2009 & 2010
YAFA Staffer edited by Max An accidental fanzine about Interaction, Glasgow Worldcon, 2005
YAFAZine edited by the YAFA team One-shot produced at Interaction, Glasgow Worldcon, 2005
Westercon 62 Walt Daugherty Tribute produced by Alan White 2009

British Fan-Historical Archives

Ansible Convention Reports Dave Langford's comprehensive index to convention reports published in Ansible and elsewhere. See also Graham Charnock's UK Conreps site.
Badges! Oh, yes, we do! British convention membership badges, from Eastercon, Novacon, Silicon
Behind The Scenes Peter Weston's columns of fannish commentary and fanzine reviews for the British Science Fiction Association's journal VECTOR, written under the pseudonym 'Malcolm Edwards'. Now reproduced on Greg Pickersgill's site.
British Fanzine Bibliography Begun by Peter Roberts in the early 1970s and extended by Vince Clarke and Rob Hansen, this covers fanzines published by fans of general science fiction from 1930 to 1990. The latest version is in the FanHistory section at Rob Hansen's Fan Stuff website
Origins of the British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) For the 2008 Eastercon, Peter Weston prepared display boards on the origins of the BSFA, and Greg Pickersgill has now converted these to the web as part of his BSFA Archives pages
Checkpoint edited by Peter Roberts. Dave Langford's collaborative archive project for the famous 1970s SF/fan newsletter
Fantasy Review Philip Turner's complete archive of Fantasy Review/Science-Fantasy Review, published between 1947 and 1950 by Walter Gillings.
Abigail Frost Fan Writing Dave Langford's archive of the fanwriting of the late British fan Abigail Frost
Futurian War Digest Rob Hansen's archive of the entire 39-issue run of J Michael Rosenblum's wartime fanzine
Index to Letters in British SF Magazines

John Boston's (almost) complete index of readers' letters published in Science Fantasy, SF Impulse, New Worlds, and Science Fiction Adventures

Nebula - Fanorama A complete archive of Walt Willis's fannish columns in Nebula during the 1950s, plus extras. Thanks to Robert Lichtman for help on the project.
Nebula Science Fiction
1952 - 1959
Jim Linwood's site on the British SF magazine edited by Peter Hamilton.  Lots of information on fan contributions, letters, artwork, etc., scans of all the covers, and a complete archive of Ken Slater's book review columns.
New Worlds Cover Artwork Original cover artwork for issues of New Worlds from 1949-1955 and 1964, with scans of the art as published
Science Fantasy News published by A. Vincent Clarke, originally for the Science Fantasy Society beginning in 1948, and later as his own fanzine.
Greg Pickersgill's collaborative archive project
Skyrack edited by Ron Bennett. Greg Pickersgill's collaborative archive project for the famous 1950s/60s SF/fan newsletter
Then Rob Hansen's history-in-progress of British science fiction fandom may be found at his Fan Stuff site.
See also Source Material - Then: The Archive
Tomorrow Rob Hansen's ongoing archive of the quarterly journal of the Science Fiction Association (1937-39), the UK's first national fan organisation.
UK Conreps Graham Charnock's compendium of reports on British conventions. See also Ansible Convention Reports
UK SF Fandom Archive A collection of British material now hosted on the mighty Ansible server
Views of British Fandom Peter Weston's photographs from EasterCons and other British fan gatherings. See also the Supplement to Peter's book With Stars In My Eyes for more photos.

Special Features here and elsewhere

e-APA David Burton's e-APA - a members-only electronic APA, published monthly and hosted on OE is now Garth Spencer.Membership is currently open - see details on page.
1939 Nycon WorldCon Three publications from the 1939 New York Worldcon, scanned and converted to PDF by Taral Wayne
1952 Sydney SF Convention Garry P Dalrymple's annotated version of the Official Report of the First Australian Science Fiction Convention, Sydcon, 1952
1954 Supermancon Photographs Courtesy of Joy Sanderson and Moshe Feder
1955 Kettering Con Photographs Courtesy of Joy Sanderson and Moshe Feder
1957 London WorldCon Photographs Courtesy of Ina Shorrock, from the collection of Norman Shorrock

1964 Repetercon

Con report by Harry Nadler
1965 Eastercon -Brumcon Brumcon in Birmingham, England: Convention Newsflash; the making of Harry Harrison's Breathworld; Beryl Henley & Archie Mercer con report.
1965 London WorldCon (Loncon II) A detailed illustrated report, assembled by Rob Hansen from contemporary sources, and more
1967 NyCon3 WorldCon Complete program details, plus scans of PRs, Program Book, membership card and badge.
1968 Baycon Worldcon The Hotel of Usher - one-shot produced at the convention
1970 SciCon70 Eastercon SciCon70 in London - photographs and programme listing
1970 Heidelberg WorldCon Photographs A few of my slides
1979: Stranger in Stranger Lands John Foyster's GUFF Trip Report:
1985 Australia WorldCon Photographs A few of my photos
1991 FFANZ Trip Report FFANZ Across the Water, Alan Stewart's 1991 FFANZ Trip Report
2001 CUFF Trip Report A Trip Report Found in a Plain Manila Envelope, Murray Moore's 2001 CUFF Trip Report
2001 GUFF Trip Report Eric Lindsay & Jean Weber's trip report, PDF version, with photographs.  This is a mirror of Eric & Jean's site in Australia.
2003 FAAn Awards Details of the 2003 Fanzine Activity Achievement Awards
2004 Corflu 21, Las Vegas, Photographs and Con Report 163 photos of Corflu 21 by Bill Burns, Eric Lindsay, and Murray Moore, and a 12,000 word con report by Arnie Katz with cover and photos by Alan White
2004 ReRepetercon The 40-year reunion con, Peterborough 2004, with photos by Peter Weston and Bill Burns, and a 1964 con report by Harry Nadler
Ah! Sweet Laney! Selected Writings of Francis Towner Laney, edited by Robert Lichtman and published by Pat Virzi for Corflu Quire
Alien/Alien Worlds Cover archive and brief publishing details of Harry Nadler and Charles Partington's 1960s fanzine (1963-65)
All Our Yesterdays - Columns by Harry Warner Jr. Harry Warner articles from 1951 throught 1976, collected by Chuck Connor in a print edition in 1991, and on diskette in 1997. Thanks to Greg Pickersgill for supplying the files.
Ann Green Steve Green's Service Sheet for the funeral of his late wife Ann
The Atlas Mystery - a ScienceFictional Whodunnit! The late Dave Wood's site, now hosted at eFanzines, on the mysterious re-painted covers of the British Reprint Edition of Astounding.
Belgian Fandom (1970s on) Added link to Herman Ceulemans' scans of the Belgian fandom clubzine and other material (Flemish language, but there are some familiar faces in the photo section)
Bellissimo! This 122-page retrospective portfolio of Harry Bell's fan art, edited by Rob Jackson and first published in a print edition in 2006, is now available for download at eFanzines.
Canadian Fancyclopedia The Canadian Fancyclopedia—the result of 15 years research by R. Graeme Cameron into the history of Canadian Science Fiction Fandom— details Canadian conventions, clubs, organizations, fanzines, prominent fanzine editors, APAzines, culture and traditions, as well as international fannish lore. To be updated as research continues.
Can't get Off the Island: A Greg Pickersgill Collection Take a great fanwriter and make him Fan Guest of Honour at Interaction, the 2005 Worldcon in Glasgow. Then set Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer loose in the fanzine archives. You end up with this excellent collection of Greg Pickersgill's writings, now available for the first time on line.
Cartiledge World Graham Charnock's compendium of British conreps, fanzines, the Astral Leauge, and more
The Conbledegook File Alex Holden's glossary of jargon terms used by SF fans who attend Eastercon, the British National Science Fiction Convention.
The Doc Weir Award A brief history and winners list of the British fan award
The Enchanted Duplicator Archive Scans of various editions of Walt Willis and Bob Shaw's fan fiction classic, collected and introduced by Taral Wayne
Curt Phillips' Fan Photo Archive Many photographs of fans from the 1950s on up
Andy Hooper's Fanotchka Script of the 1998 fannish play
The Fantasy Tarot Showcase Deck Bruce Pelz's introduction to his 1980 fantasy art project
Flights From The Iron Moon

Flights From The Iron Moon: Genre Poetry in UK Fanzines & Little Magazines 1980 - 1989.
Compiled and edited by Steve Sneyd, published by Chuck Connor.

The Golden Halls of Mirth rich brown and Paul Stanbery's 1960 fannish retelling of "The Green Hills of Earth"
Gnome Press Aaron Raisey's blog on the famous 1940s/50s SF publisher
Green Tits and Fur By Dr Juice. A 1993 parody by Kevin Duane and Ray Larabie, with an introduction by Taral Wayne, who also scanned the original for this on-line edition
How Green Was My Vegrant: Some of the Best of Wild Heirs "A gift to Las Vegas Fandom from their friends in mossy Seattle, on the occasion of Corflu Blackjack, March 19th to 21st, 2004."
A fanthology of Las Vegas fan writing edited by Andy Hooper for the Las Vegas Corflu.
Little Dictionary of terms used by SF Fans

Rob Jackson's invaluable guide to the terminology of SF fandom, circa 1976.
Text scanned and converted by Greg Pickersgill, HTML page layout by Bill Burns, August 2004.

The Martin Chronicles Rob Hansen's collection of pieces about the late Martin Smith.
Meadows of Fantasy Archie Mercer's fannish novel, converted to the web by Brian Jordan
Most Of My Days Before Yesterday
by Harry Warner, Jr.
The story behind All Our Yesterdays, from Pelf #7, April 1969, editors David Hulan and Dave Locke
Mr Monster - A Tribute to Forrest J Ackerman
by Alan White
Myrtle Rebecca Douglas: An Appreciation
1930s fan Morojo remembered by Elmer Perdue and Forry Ackerman in this 1965 one-shot
The Neo-Fan's Guide (First Edition, 1955) The first of three editions of this classic work, this one edited and published by Bob Tucker.
Text scanned and converted by Greg Pickersgill, HTML page layout by Bill Burns, August 2004.
Novacon and the Nova Awards Information on the upcoming Novacon (UK), and the Nova Awards presented there annually for best fanzine, best fanzine writer, and best fanartist. See also the Novacon website.
Pacheco Progress The complete progress reports of the bid to bring the greatest convention of all-time to the greatest agricultural roadside attraction of all-time.
The Partial Greg Pickersgill In which Greg begins "a project to reprint most of the material I have written for science fiction fanzines or for sf-fan email mailing lists since I encountered science fiction fandom in 1967." New material, July 2003
Pavlat & Evans Fanzine Index (13MB PDF) PDF edition produced by Ron Brown, by permission of Peggy Rae (Pavlat) Sapienza 
Andy Porter's FanHistorical Photo Archive Editor and publisher for many years of Science Fiction Chronicle, Andy Porter built up a large library of fanhistorical images dating back to the 1940s. Some of them are shared here. 
Reflections in the Shards A collection of Caroline Mullan's fanwriting, published for the 2015 Eastercon where she was Fan GoH, and edited by Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer.
Science Fiction Book Club (UK) Archive Not to be confused with the American SF book club, the UK version began in 1953 and issued many important titles. Greg Pickersgill is compiling a web archive on the Club, and welcomes information and contributions.
The Science-Fiction Collector

Complete archive, 1976-1981, of Grant Thiessen's bibliographic magazine

The Science Fiction League of Extraordinary Fuggheads (281KB PDF) Faan fiction by Arnie Katz, who notes: "Once in every fan generation a story comes along that is so gripping, yet ultimately transcendental, that it is a "must read" for all fans able to do so. While we're waiting for that one, I thought you might like to take a look at my faan fiction opus, The Science Fiction League of Extraordinary Fuggheads."
Sirius 1i Special international (English/French/German) issue of Sirius: The Newspaper and Magazine of the ISFS - International Science Fiction Society. Published in June 1959 by Erwin Scudla of Austria
Spirits of Things Past Progress reports, program book, and fanthology for ditto 14 & FanHistoriCon 11 (October 2001), edited by Leah Zeldes Smith
Steve Stiles Website The definitive website of artwork and writing by Hugo-winning fanartist Steve Stiles
The Sweetheart of
Fanac Falls
A Joyce Katz anthology, edited by Arnie Katz
Taral Wayne at deviantArt Some of Taral's fannish artwork
Toner Memories A fanzine anthology edited by Arnie Katz to celebrate Toner II (originally scheduled for August, 2006, the weekend before the LA WorldCon, but now cancelled) and to remind people of the 1976 original
Harry Turner A memorial page for the British artist, science fiction fan and collector, with samples of his pro and fan art, scans of his 1940s/50s fanzines The Grin, Zenith, and Now & Then, and much more.
Direct link to fanzines page
Up To Now: A History of Fandom as Jack Speer Sees It. A new edition of the hard-to-find 1939 classic of fannish history.
The page also includes Geri Sullivan's compendium of material on Jack Speer from when he was Fan GoH at Noreascon 4 in 2004.
The Visual Index of Science Fiction Cover Art (VISCO) Terry Gibbons' comprehensive gallery of science fiction, fantasy, weird, and horror fiction magazine cover art. Archived as of November 2005.
William Morris : Dreamer of Dreams Article by Ian Covell, orginally published in John D. Owen's The Crystal Ship #11 Rylan Bachman's site dedicated to the work of Bill Rotsler - artwork, letters, ephemera, interviews and remembrances, along with information on Rotsler's professional work in books, magazines and films. 
Ylem Kim Huett's LiveJournal page is an ongoing anthology of "some of the better writing from my large fanzine collection"
You Only Live Once The collected writings of the late John Brosnan, edited by Kim Huett. Now available as a revised and updated ebook.
Who Knows What Ether Lurks in the Minds of Fen? The late Phil Castora's fannish autobiography, edited and published by Marty Cantor

Special feature: Peter Weston: With Stars In My Eyes - The Supplement

The late Peter Weston was fan guest of honor at Worldcon 2004, Noreascon 4 in Boston, and to mark the occasion NESFA Press published his book of fannish history, appropriately subtitled "My Adventures in British Fandom".

Much more than a plain recitation of fan history facts, it is at once an autobiography and a document of social commentary on the 1960s and 70s in Britain. Of course as soon as the book was published the amendments and additions started arriving, so Peter and I created a Supplement for all the additional material, hosted here on

Fanzines on other sites

The Agony Column book reviews by Rick Kleffel
Ansible edited by Dave Langford. Many more of Dave's fanzines at the link.
Argentus edited by Steven H Silver. Issue 1 through 4, and the 2005 special
Aurora edited by Jeanne Gomoll. Complete archive
Bento edited by David Levine and Kate Yule
Bunyip and ayotochtl edited by Bob Hole
Challenger and The Zine Dump edited by Guy H. Lillian III
Checkpoint edited by Peter Roberts. Dave Langford's collaborative archive project for the famous 1970s SF/fan newsletter
Cloud Chamber edited by Dave Langford. Many more of Dave's fanzines at the link.
The Science Fact & Fiction Concatenation edited by Jonathan Cowie
Ecdysis edited by Jonathan Crowe
Emerald City edited by Cheryl Morgan
ERBzine edited by Bill & Sue-On Hillman
The Fantasy Fan Seven issues of Charles Hornig's 1933/34 fanzine at Gutenberg: "The Fans' Own Magazine".
Fanthology '87 edited by Richard Brandt
Feline Mewsings edited by R-Laurraine Tutihasi
FRINGE edited by Fionna O'Sullivan
Gatehouse Gazette a steampunk and dieselpunk fanzine edited by Nick Ottens
Gazeta SF a Romanian on-line fanzine which is also published each month in a PDF version with an English section. Click here for a Google translation of the site.
Gegenschein edited by Eric Lindsay
Gloss edited by Lilian Edwards and Victor Gonzalez
Gothique & Stardock edited by Stan Nicholls and David Griffiths. A page reflecting on the history of these two 1960s British fanzines.
The Great Wen Tim Harrison's ezine about a non-existent, historically eclectic London
Groggy 2000 edited by Eric Mayer
The Infinite Matrix edited by Eileen Gunn - a webzine featuring new science fiction by major writers, reviews by respected critics, and essays by original thinkers. It is kind of monthly, kind of weekly, and kind of daily.
Helion the online fanzine of the Helion SF Club in Timisoara, Romania (Google translation at the link)
It Goes On The Shelf edited by Ned Brooks. Complete archive

edited by Jeanne Gomoll. Complete archive

The Knarley Knews edited by Henry Welch
The Limbonaut HPL fanzine edited by Steve Walker
Lulzine edited by John Coxon & Espana Sheriff
Mimosa edited by Nicki and Richard Lynch
MT Void edited by Evelyn & Mark Leeper
The NASFA Shuttle The monthly clubzine of the North Alabama Science Fiction Association
The National Fantasy Fan The National Fantasy Fan Federation's e-zine. Also available at eFanzines, together with Tightbeam
Now & Then Full archive run of Harry Turner's 1950s fanzine
Peon Archive issues of Charles Lee Riddle's 1948-1957 fanzine
Picofarad edited by Petréa Mitchell
Plokta edited by Alison Scott, Steve Davies, and Dr. Plokta, aka Mike Scott. Issues 1 through 39 of the two-time Hugo winning fanzine are available on the Plokta website.
The Plokta News Newt The printed version of the Plokta News Network
  The Portable Museum of Science Fiction Newsletter
The Portable Museum of Science Fiction Newsletter edited by Bob Hole
Probe The zine of the Science Fiction South Africa club
Rune The official club fanzine of the Minnesota Science Fiction Society, Inc. (Minn-StF). Current issue and many archive issues
Scientifiction edited by Pete Lyon
Skug edited by Gary S. Mattingly
Sleight of Hand edited by John Teehan. Issues 1 and 2 (August 2003)
Silicon Soapware Tom Digby's personalzine, available on the web or by email
Some Fantastic edited by Matthew Appleton (and Jessica Darago as of issue 14). Issues 1 through 14
Surprising Stories edited by John Thiel
Swill edited by Neil Jamieson-Williams
Tesseract Index Tesseract was the fanzine of the University of Illinois (at Chicago) Science Fiction Society. Scans of the zine are sought.
TommyWorld edited by Tom Ferguson. Live site is down; link is to
Trinketry edited by Alison Scott
The Voyageur edited by Karen Bennett
VSFA Valley Voyager the Vegas Science Fiction Association's fanzine newsletter
Watch the Skies The monthly newsletter of the Science Fiction and Fantasy reading group of Camp Hill and Harrisburg, PA
WSFA Journal (the clubzine of the Washington Science Fiction Association) edited by Keith Lynch
Yipe! The costume fanzine of record.
Zenith Archive run of Harry Turner's 1940s fanzine.
Rob Hansen's listing also includes earlier issues distributed with Futurian War Digest
Le Zombie (1938) and e-Zombie edited by Bob Tucker. Many of the early issues are on line.

Other fannish resources

Electronic Fanzines at the site
The Canadian Fancyclopedia An Incompleat GuideTo Twentieth Century Canadian Science Fiction Fandom - now hosted at eFanzines The main Corflu site - the convention for fanzine fans.
Corflu Valentine - the 19th Corflu Corflu 19, Annapolis, Maryland, 2002
Corflu Badger - the 20th Corflu Corflu 20, Madison, Wisconsin, 2003
Corflu Toronto Corflu 23, Toronto, 2006
Corflu Quire Corflu 24, Austin, Texas, 2007
Corflu Silver Corflu 25, Las Vegas, April 25 - 27, 2008. Convention info and Progress Report
Corflu Zed Corflu 26, Seattle, 2009. Convention flyer and PR archive
Corflu Cobalt Corflu 27, Winchester UK, 2010. Convention history, progress reports, and photos
Ditto 15 The 15th annual gathering of SF fanzine fans was held in Toronto, 18-20 October 2002.
Ditto 18 The 18th annual gathering of SF fanzine fans was held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 14-16 October 2005.
Ditto 2017 Planned for Vancouver, Canada, in the autumn of 2017, this gathering of SF fanzine fans is being planned by R. Graeme Cameron
Eastercon The central site for ongoing information on the British National Convention
Fancyclopedia 3 Fancyclopedia II, based on Jack Speer's earlier Fancyclopedia, was published in 1959 by Dick Eney, and was available on line at Eney's site until his recent death.
Fancyclopedia 3 is intended to be a collective enterprise of all of fandom. Based on the previous works, it is to be written by fans who want to contribute. See the website for full details.
The Hugo Awards The official (and comprehensive) site on science fiction's achievement awards
Kittywompus Tracks Fanzines Alison Scott's ongoing fanzine log (but last update was December 2000)
Greg Pickersgill's Gostak, including the Fanzine Bibliography Greg Pickersgill's site of many projects, including the Catalogue of the Fanzine Permacollection
PNN The Plokta News Network. Superfluous Technology and much more
Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Database An online index to over 82,000 historical and critical items about science fiction, fantasy and horror, compiled by Hal W. Hall
The Science Fiction Foundation Britain's primary SF academic resource
Science Fiction South Africa An active club which publishes Probe several times a year

Tom Veal's Electronic Lumber Room has an interesting selection of fannish history, including Worldcon program books and The Best of Fandom 1958 A website dedicated to conversations between science fiction fans on all subjects, including fanzines, conventions, sf writers and books, fan funds, awards, and everything else.
The Voices of Fandom Bill Mills' ongoing project to collect audio interviews and clips, either newly recorded or historic artifacts, for the entertainment of interested science fiction fans everywhere.

Fan funds

If you're a fanzine fan, you probably know about the various fan funds which send worthy fans (who will, it is hoped, publish a trip report) to conventions in foreign lands. For information on current races, candidate platforms, and ballot forms, click on the links below.

Australian Fan Funds

Irwin Hirsh's site for fan funds involving Australia: DUFF, GUFF, FFANZ, NAFF

DUFF - The Down Under Fan Fund's Joe Siclari served as the North American delegate to the 2005 Australian National SF Convention in Hobart, Tasmania

TAFF - The Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund - TAFF now its own (unofficial) website with news and details of the current race and much historical information compiled by Dave Langford. The site also has information on DUFF and GUFF. Back issues of TAFF newsletters are hosted at eFanzines.
Visit the TAFF site for candidate platforms and the voting ballot.

Click here for photos from the TAFF party for Randy Byers in Walthamstow, England, 12 April 2003.

GUFF is the Get Up-and-over Fan Fund or the Going Under Fan Fund, depending on which way you're going.

More information here.

CUFF is the Canadian Unity Fan Fund , which sends a Canadian fan to a convention each year.

Some additional trip reports are here.

Other sites of fan interest

Ansible Links - a vast and comprehensive collection of SF and fannish links

The British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) - founded in 1958; publishes a regular magazine, Vector.

Jim Cawthorn Sketches from the eFanzines archive - The State of Canadian Science Fiction Fandom's Internet Newsstand has some fannish zines listed
The Internet Speculative Fiction Database - a community effort to catalog works of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, including fanzines.
LASFS - The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, the world's oldest continuously-active science-fiction and fantasy club.

The MidAmerican Fan Photo Archive is an gallery and index of over 3000 photographs of science fiction fans and professionals taken at conventions and events around North America.

RossWorx - Ross Chamberlain's biographical and SF art site
Frank R. Paul - Frank Wu's site dedicated to the work of the prolific science fiction and fantasy artist

William Charles Rotsler: A Celebration - the estate-authorized site - Michael Bernstein's site dedicated to the work of Bill Rotsler (archive copy, site defunct). See instead Rylan Bachman's
The Rotsler Award website - awards for long-time wonder-working with graphic art in amateur publications of the science fiction community.
Science Fiction Hub - Liverpool University's subject portal for science fiction scholars is based on the wealth of research resources in the Science Fiction Collections of The University of Liverpool's Special Collections and Archives. It is Europe's largest catalogued collection of SF material, including the Science Fiction Foundation Collection and a wealth of literary archives.
Steffanland - Dan Steffan's site showcasing his art, old and new.

Space is available on this site for any editor who wants to put an SF fanzine on line, in HTML, PDF, or any other standard format.  There is no charge to editors or readers.

I'm also happy to list other on-line SF fanzine sites. Please let me know if you'd like a link.

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