Big Sky
edited by
Peter Young

All files are in PDF format

Pete writes:

The name: some background. Whenever I look up at a those impressive cloudscapes in the skies over Thailand, usually before or after some seriously major rainfall, I mentally describe this place as the 'Land of Big Skies'. I'm pleased to call it home now. Therefore, Big Sky also feels like a good name for a fanzine that focuses on a worldwide genre – a genre that, figuratively, has a sky big enough to contain anything we care to fill it with, and with enough conceptual space to fill a fanzine with all my genre interests.

Big Sky 3 and 4 are two parts of a special project released for Loncon 3. Both are concerned entirely with Gollancz’s “SF Masterworks” list – every title has reviews and commentary, all listed in order of appearance. The two issues combined are a total of 431 pages..

Big Sky #1 (5.1MB)
Big Sky #2 (5.9MB)
Big Sky #3 (8.6MB)
Big Sky #4 (6MB)

Last revised: 9 August, 2014

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