The Incompleat Register
Nic Farey

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The Incompleat Register #1.1

As often seems to be the case, there’s as much heated discussion (amongst those who truly care) about the FAAn Awards as there is about the Hugos, just involving fewer (and fewer) people and almost no canine conspirators.

Briefly, for those not in the know, the FAAns are fanzine fandom’s own awards, currently given out at the annual Corflu convention, and voted upon by anyone with interest and (presumably) knowledge of the field; there is no other requirement to participate. Voter numbers have been declining, despite various attempts to tinker with the mechanism. This is, in part, another tinkerer’s effort.

This publication is not officially or even unofficially associated with Corflu or the FAAn awards, with which the editor has no connection other than as a voter and an interested party.

The Incompleat Register #1.1

Last revised: 3 October, 2017

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