by John Coxon

All files are in PDF format (plus ePub as noted)

ISSN: 2049-1859 (Print) / 2049-1867 (Online)

John suggests using Calibre to read ePub editions

23 May 2006

Procrastinations One (92KB) Genesis and Exodus  

2 April 2007

Procrastinations Three (281KB) Top Banana  

20 July 2007

Procrastinations Two (158KB) Please email John if you'd like a copy of this issue  

6 September 2007

Procrastinations Four (250KB) Square-Eyed  

20 March 2008

Procrastinations Five (431KB) Rogue Comet  

5 September 2008

Procrastinations Six (365KB) Braaains...  

9 April 2009

Procrastinations Seven (322KB) The Whooshing Sound  

13 March 2010

Procrastinations Eight (322KB) Silver Screen  

12 November 2011

Procrastinations Nine (1.8MB) Iconography ePub edition

6 April 2012

Procrastinations Ten (2.9MB) Fandoms ePub edition

29 August 2012

Procrastinations Eleven (3.8MB)   ePub edition

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