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London Circle Meeting, October 2003, The Barley Mow

Photographs by Peter Weston

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Claire Brialey, Mark Plummer, Tony Cullen

Mark adds this suggested caption: 'Copy of Zenith #3 (February-March 1964) featuring contributions by Roger G Peyton, E C Tubb, Charlie Winstone and the BBC Press Services; and copy of Zenith #4 (April-May 1964) featuring contributions by Alan Dodd, Phil Harbottle, Roger G Peyton and H Beam Piper. Both edited by Peter Weston, with covers by Atom. Two neofans in background (centre, right) marvel at fanzines that are almost as old as they are, while Claire Brialey (left, born 1970) wonders what it was like in 1964...'

John Stewart, Martin Easterbrook

Mike Scott, Marcia & Tim Illingsworth, Roger Robinson Marcus Rowland, Chris Suslowicz
Bernie Peek, Mary Smith & ?

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