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Helicon 2, The 2002 EasterCon, Jersey, Channel Islands

Photographs by Peter Weston

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PW, Tim Illingworth, Martin Hoare, Susan Murosako Victor Gonzalez
Party Scene (L to R):
Juliette Woods, Covert Beach, Sheila Lightsey, Susan Murosako, Chris Cooper, Yvonne Rowse, Victor Gonzalez, and Claire Brialey.
Damien Warman believes the eye and forehead to the right of Covert belong to Mark Plummer.
HELICON - Eileen, PatMcM, Lally.jpg (54120 bytes) HELICON - Julia + Caro.jpg (64264 bytes) HELICON PW + Susan + horns.jpg (81427 bytes)
Dave Lally, Eileen Weston, Pat McMurray Giulia Prima, Caroline Wilson Susan & PW
HELICON EW + Martin + horns.jpg (73182 bytes) HELICON - pw ON SPOT.jpg (67381 bytes) HELICON  Martin + Susan + horns.jpg (84907 bytes)
Eileen Weston, Martin Hoare PW on the spot! Martin & Susan

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