We started this email newsletter because we were advised that authors should have a newsletter. However, we don't really enjoy promotion, so although we sometimes talk about writing or Roman history, mostly we just do personal essays.

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List of Essays

Eric's Bits

Character Descriptions
How We Write Together
King Cotton Comics
Sighting A Tree Frog
Historical Accuracy in Mysteries
Believing in Santa
Going to the Movies in the Old Days (U.S.)
Interactive Fiction
Working at Writing
Fantasy in Mysteries
Anachronisms in Historical Fiction
Santa's Longest Night
Who Was That Cat?
Louis H. Silverstein
The Writer's Ticker Tape Parade
From Typing Fingers to Broken Legs
Naming, and Renaming, Characters
Bad Reviews
Bordering on Fiction (about maps)
Wood You Believe? (about orinteering)
We All Have the Raw Material (writing nuts and bolts)
Writing for an Audience
A Spell Cast by Willows (favorite childhood book)
Red Star, Silver Lining (Musings on a review)
How Now Snow Plow?
Batting Ideas Around
Falling Into A Revery (about writing historical mysteries)
The Square on the Hippodrome (fact in history mysteries)
Don't Leap to the Wrong Conclusion (Bull-leaping. Fact?)
Salary and Egg Sandwich (Working at the law library)
The Giant Slingshot (Activities of a childhood club)
Little Nell's Gone Missing (Things Eric doesn't like to see in mysteries)

Mary's Bits

Christmas Chaos
Ravens/Corpus Juris
Hadrian's Wall
Garden Gnomes and Mithraeums
Empress Theodora and the Duchess of Devonshire
First Footing on New Year's Eve
Going to the Cinema in the Old Days (England)
Roman Taxation
The Last School Holiday
Thoughts on a Story by M.R. James
Naming Characters
Fruit Gums vs. Wrapping Paper
Three For a Letter Rhyme
Some Ideas Take the Biscuit
Theodora, Champion of the Working Schmoe
Justin Time
Roman Around Camelot
Modern Statues Commemorating Ancient Romans
Baaaaa'd Crimes
Ancient Quit-rents
Changing a Bathroom Washer
How Dare You Call Me That? (historical figures named John)
Stomp A Reed's Hero (Justinianic anagrams)
Reading Doc Savage
Woolly Thinking (listening to radio with the lights out)
Making a Reader Atrabilious (esoteric words discovered while reading)
Youthful Fortitude (a snow fort)
Keeping Cool is a Sirius Business
Mything Links (Greek Gods in the marketplace)
What A Carry On (The Carry On Films)
Another Sort of Good Character (Victorian charities.)
Grinding Out A Living (Odd occupations)
Mayor the Best Man Win (Some British folk customs)
A Strange Case (Mary speculates about a 19th century murder)
A John the Eunuch Chronology

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