Light in the Bushel A little glimmer of Light in the Bushel emanates every great once in a while from Richard Brandt, now at 835 Musket Drive #L-303, Colorado Springs CO 80906 USA (who is, he shamefacedly admits, running on-site press relations for the 2008 Denver Worldcon). This is issue number 7, for Spring 2008. (Twenty years? Thatís not too many.) Available for the Usual, ivory-colored copy paper, or good quality inkjet photo paper stock. I also accept dead presidents. Also now available online (O Brave New World that has such yadda yadda yadda) at

Artwork this issue: The unflattering cover portrait is by Alan White. The logo above is by Wayne Alan Brenner. Other artwork is by Taral, Teddy Harvia, Brad Foster and Bill Rotsler. If I have to tell you who did what, I pity the fool.

Art by Brad Foster